Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Personality types. Do we change over time?

I was listening to the Adventures in Imperfect Living podcast yesterday on my way home from work, produced by Greg and Jennifer Willits. I've been a listener for many years, I have always enjoyed their show. This week they were talking about a free online personality test, and I have to admit, it piqued my interest. I've heard about such tests of course, as we all have, I'm sure, but I've never taken one. I wondered if my personality would now test out to be somewhat of a change for me, since I have become much more social and much less shy as I've gotten older. So when I got home and was waiting for dinner to warm on the stove, I took the test. And you can too, right here. :)

The directions caution you to take your time and answer as you truly feel, rather than as you WANT to feel about yourself. But to me, the questions were remarkably easy to answer:

"You often get so lost in thought that you ignore or forget your surroundings."

*SNORT* "Um, YEAH! Strongly agree."

"You try to respond to your emails as soon as you can, because you cannot stand a messy inbox."

"There are people who aren't crazed by messy inboxes?!"

"You often feel insecure."

"Whoa boy. Can't click Agree fast enough on that one!"

"People can rarely upset you."

*wistful sigh* "If only that could be true..."

Well. :0

I am an INFJ-T, also known as "The Advocate." This acronym stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, Turbulent. This is my little profile, if you are so inclined. Apparently, I'm quite rare. Read: WEIRD. Though Mike tested out to be the *exact* same personality type. We weird ones seek and find each other, it seems.

Soooooo, in simple terms, though much less socially awkward than I used to be, I am still an Introvert with a capital I. Whether that is good or bad, I have no notion, but there you have it. I'm still very much your introverted Catholic Librarian, but I enjoy talking to people more now. :0

What is YOUR personality type? Let's kibbitz in the comments.


  1. I'm an INFJ too!! Must be a librarian thing. :)

  2. I listen to Adventures in Imperfect Living too but haven't listened to that episode yet. It sounds interesting so I'll have to move it closer to the top of my list.

    However, I took that personality test a couple of month ago and got ISFJ-A or The Defender. The results say that ISFJs are unique in that some of our qualities you might not think would be found together but that we make up a larger part of the population. https://www.16personalities.com/isfj-personality

  3. Hi Cindy! This makes me feel better. Maybe I'm not so weird. ;-)

  4. Hi Melanie!

    oooooo, interesting. But you're an introvert too, so we're still in the same camp. ;-)

  5. I've taken this one before! I'm an ISFJ-T (defender like Melanie). :-)

  6. Sam, I love this. Introverts, UNITE!

  7. INFP - mediator - still uniting on the introvert part! And on the F for feeling. I understand there's a lot of introverts among bloggers - great, isn't it.

  8. Hi Jascha!

    How interesting! I guess it makes sense - bloggers feel more comfortable putting themselves out there in writing rather than in other mediums. ;-)


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