Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A world dance showcase, & God in the small things...

Happy new week to you all! I hope that you had as fantastic a weekend as I did. I still had dance stuff going on, but it wasn't *quite* so crazy as it's been. And our last official summer performance is this coming Saturday, with a much-needed break after that, so things are feeling pretty good right now!

This past Saturday night we performed at a world dance showcase. I was all relieved that it was inside rather outside in the summer heat, but come to find out that indoor venues can be just as grossness-inducing as the outdoor ones. No air conditioning + stage lighting = HELLO STIFLING SWEAT, I HADN'T MISSED YOU, BUT THERE YOU ARE!! Alas. It was fun though, and I saw a ton of interesting dancing. Irish, Salsa, West African, Burmese, Bollywood, American Tribal Style and tribal fusion belly dance, Lindy Hop...and those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head! It was awesome. Given that there were so many other dancers there, we were NERVOUS performing as a troupe for the first time in a long time. And the stage was slippery. I didn't exactly want our set to end with me sliding off the stage and out into the audience, so I was being extra careful.


No sliding, thankfully, and it was a lovely evening, to be sure.

On Sunday we were back at our regular 11 am Mass after having to move around for the past few weeks due to dance events. Excitingly, I can feel the coming fall parish activity schedule beginning to come to life. Henry inquired about altar serving (!) and that training will take place in the fall, as well as a bunch of other parish events.OOhh la la!

Speaking of the busy changes that this upcoming fall/back-to-school season usually brings, my piece for August for Catholic Mom highlights this very issue:


If you listened to Tea Time last week, you may remember that I mentioned the eclectic mix of Catholic Mom and scented wax that I wove together this month. One wouldn't think those two things related to each other very much, but your Catholic Librarian found a way! As the busy fall season ramps up, if you have anecdotes for how you see God in the small joys throughout your day, I would LOVE for you to leave a comment over at Catholic Mom! I just feel pleased as punch when I get commenters over there. ;-)

Tomorrow I have a book review for you! A dystopian YA series that I have  been obsessed with for YEARS, and the final book just came out. I mean...:0 Tune back in then for the recommendation!

How was your weekend, dear reader?

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