Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #49 - Fruits of the spirit, & good God do I LOVE my husband...

Morning all! I am in a VERY chirpy mood this morning, for this late May edition of:

Today I talk about novena fruits, upcoming June novena plans, more book talk! And...I'll just say it. My husband is HOT. :0 He is! And I love him more after 13 years than ever before. What inspired this outpouring of wifely devotion? View on, dear viewer!

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Items mentioned in this episode:
So, what do you think? Sacred Heart novena and book? Let me know if you're in! How are you coming on Church of Spies? Summer reading plans? Do write in!


  1. My Amazon cart thanks you for not recommending too many books. It is nice and full now. The Sacred Heart book sounds very intriguing... I may have to look into that one. I am also contemplating borrowing Consoling the Heart of Jesus from my grandparents for the summer. And whichever book is chosen for the podcast. So many books to read!! What I really need to do is sell my textbooks from the semester back to Amazon. ;)
    I'm definitely on board for the Sacred Heart novena!

  2. Sam, sell those textbooks like the wind, sister! :0 Build up a book fund for much funner material. ;-) So glad you'll be praying the novena! I've also heard great things about Consoling the Heart of Jesus, and come to think, THAT was the book someone mentioned on the Catholic Mom podcast! I *knew* it was Sacred Heart related!

  3. I know that we shouldn't discuss the book club book before the date of book club, but....I'm having trouble not reading more than just the first 5 chapters. For a non-fiction book he has a flare with words. Feels like I'm reading a spy novel.

  4. Delta, oooooh, good to know! My sister said the same thing. We can definitely discuss our options on Wednesday!


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