Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring thaw (!) and loving my parish, on the 3rd Sunday of Lent...

Morning all, and can I just say THE SUN IS OUT!! I may have Anne dress up like the sun this week to herald it's return to our lives, that's how major this is. The air is decidedly non-arctic all of a sudden, and the temperature is staying *just* above freezing. This week it will actually get up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is good, because we don't want the snow and ice to melt to quickly and cause flooding. So...BOOYAH! This is exciting. Our driveway is slowly losing it's power to kill us, and the streets are widening. Life is grand.

I had a really, really nice weekend, let's see...Friday I had dance rehearsal, and we suddenly we realized that it's March. Not like this is a huge shock or anything, but we've been frozen into place at the studio for the past month, and we're finally snapping out of it since our spring hafla is less than two months away. We've begun rehearsing ALL of our choreographies again, not just the new one, which certainly keeps things interesting.

Saturday, we had a surprise party at the studio for Claire, who had a milestone birthday. *Extremely* fun! She was genuinely surprised, we fooled her well and good. :) I was doing the math on Saturday, and I've been learning Middle Eastern dance with Claire now for just over 7 years. She is so much more than just my dance instructor - she's a beloved friend, and I appreciate her more than I can express. Her classes have enriched my life so abundantly. It was splendid that we could all get together to show her how much she means to all of us. Her daughters found zebra print balloons and lanterns to decorate the studio with, which just really fit her personality :) and a great time was had by all.

Also happening this weekend were more performances of The Mousetrap for Mike. This was the second and final weekend of shows, and I attended the cast party with him yesterday. I find my husband so incredibly adorable in his actor role. :) He is SO talented, and I absolutely love seeing him find his creative niche. He is definitely well-regarded within the theater group, and is already being sought after to audition for upcoming shows in the fall and next year. I loved being his date at the party yesterday. ;-)

So, fun abounded. Of course, the kids and I also went to our very favorite 10 am Mass yesterday, made more of a challenge this weekend due to Daylight Saving Time. It certainly would have helped if I had gone to bed earlier, but I *didn't*, so it's nobody's fault but my own. Thus, I was somewhat rushed Sunday morning and blearily got the kids ready. The worst part of the morning Mass routine is actually getting them bundled and into the car:

"STOP DOING THAT! MOM! Henry threw my coat!"

"NO I didn't! I just...*put* it next to her."

"Stop it HENRY! MOM! Henry pulled my hair!"

"I didn't do anything!! I mean it, I didn't do anything!!"

Let's all heave a long suffering sigh together, shall we?

But once we got to the church, everything was fine. Anne was so preoccupied with the actual Mass that there was no bathroom request for the second time in recent history *does dance* and Henry had a halo perched upon his head the entire time. Suddenly, we're nearly halfway through Lent! I am *super* excited for Holy Week this year, I'll talk about that more as it approaches. But I finally did take a step to try and be more involved in my parish by calling to volunteer for the new Worship Committee our priest is trying to assemble. I haven't gotten a call back yet with any information, and I feel like I'm waiting for a date that I like to call to ask me to go out again:

"It's been 5 days. Is that too long? Did I misread the situation?!"

So hopefully I'll hear something soon, because I'm really excited by this prospect. :)

How was your weekend, dear reader?


  1. Happy Sunshine Day! It's warmer here in Aston (near Philadelphia) also. In fact, we may reach the high 50s later in the week! And I'm wearing only one layer (mock turtle neck sweater) instead of 3 (turtle neck, pullover sweater and sweatshirt jacket)!

  2. One layer instead of three? That sounds like cause for celebration to me, Sister! :)


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