Thursday, March 5, 2015

Scenes from our perch in the igloo of America...

This morning, in the home of the Catholic Librarian...

"Honey, I'm so glad that you slept better last night."

You know, because he wasn't emptying bowls of water all night.

"Yeah, I did. I feel like a new person."


"Did you come up with a plan for dinner?"

Oh. Right, I was supposed to do that.

"No, I forgot. But we have that chicken thawed in the refrigerator..."

Ugh. Please don't mention the word "thaw" to me right now, it's a sore subject. :0

"I know!" *feels proud of self*  "We can make that smothered chicken recipe, the one in the skillet with cheese and bell peppers? Do we have any bell peppers from the garden in the freezer?"

"I think so."

"Grand! We'll just need a side dish."

"Maybe I can come up with something. Do you have any ideas?"

"Something ricey."


"You know, not just *rice*, but something in the ricey family. You know, with beans, or chiles, or something funner than just rice."       

Funner. I make these things up as I go along.

"Ooooooo.K." *Mike makes amused eyebrow arch* "I'll have to see what's in the pantry, but I'll do my best. I have an exam to give today, so I'll be home early."

Which means he can start dinner. Win!

This is all assuming we can both make it up the Driveway of Death, but other than that, we're surviving quite nicely. ;-)  The ceiling has stopped leaking, that would also be a WIN. The roofing company is coming today to remove ice from that part of the house. Although that costs money, I'm still seeing it as a win. We're in for warmer temperatures this weekend and next week (and by "warmer," I mean 40 degrees Fahrenheit, heat wave baby!) so we should see significant reduction in the snow pack and I think we're all seriously ready for that. Can I hear an Amen?

All this, AND I'm thinking of upgrading my Kindle, which I am utterly excited about. Do any of you have a newer 7th generation Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite? Let's discuss. :)  I need something to brighten these winter days!        

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