Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 years ago today...

This is what I was doing:


On my way to my (very wintry) wedding! We were delayed a bit by fresh snowfall, but all was well. We arrived at the church right on time, but started 10 minutes late to accommodate guests who had to take it slower on the roads. And the church looked perfectly lovely, decorated to reflect that our anniversary always falls within the Christmas season, just prior to the feast of the Baptism of the Lord:

And here we are, following the conclusion of our nuptial Mass:

We look younger, lol! But we still look plenty young (she tells herself, with feeling... ;-)) And 10 years in, I can say that I have been, and am, very happily married. It isn't always easy living with another person and taking their needs into consideration ahead of your own. But it is very, very worth it. I can't imagine my life without Mike in it. I just remember being at the Basilica of St. Anne-de-Beaupre just prior to when Mike and I started dating, and praying for the right man to enter my life if it was God's will for me to marry. And there Mike appeared. :)

There have been times in our marriage where things were more challenging than others. But we always knew that things would get easier, and they did. And no matter what, we were always committed to each other and to the life we were building together for ourselves and our kids. My marriage is indeed a blessing.

So, for the big milestone, and for the first time since our honeymoon, we're going away by ourselves.


We're not going far. We always talked about going back to San Francisco, which is where we honeymooned, but that just isn't feasible right now. So we're spending the weekend about an hour north of here in a cute lakeside area known for it's ice wine. Yes, we got married in the dead of winter in Western New York, yet we keep going northward, we're nuts that way. :) We have reservations at a cute inn, and plan to go to High Tea at a historic hotel there, and to some wineries. Saturday night we're going to the vigil Mass at the local parish (excited to check that out!) and then out for dinner, and almost assuredly, more wine. ;-)

So it'll be romantic and fun, and I'm very much looking forward to it. I won't be blogging tomorrow (someday, I will come back to you, my 7 Quick Takes Fridays...) but I will check in on Monday for sure. Until then dear readers! Happy feast of the Baptism of Our Lord! :)


  1. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your time away!

  2. *squeals* I love those lace sleeves!! My wedding gown was very lacey/romantic, too, and I carried a bouquet of red and white roses...AND we got married in winter, too! Clearly, great minds think alike. ;)

    Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful time!

    1. oohh, just saw this! What is your anniversary?!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride! (And I got married in northern NY, two days after Christmas--so I love winter weddings. :))

  4. Thank you so much to you all! And yay Laura, another winter wedding! :0


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