Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Catholic Librarian travels by air - prepare yourselves for the posts to follow :0

At least, that's the hope, since the possibility of there being no posts next week is my greatest fear when flying. Yep - DEATH!!!! We're off to an uplifting start, no? ;-) I actually went to confession this week for this very reason. :0


Although, now that I think about it, I don't think death is actually my greatest fear with regard to flying. I think my greatest fear is being trapped on a full airplane (ironically, while it's still on the ground :0) for hours on end with no working bathrooms, and no way to get out. I have *this thing* about bathrooms. They must...exist. And be easily accessible, with lots of privacy. The optimal situation would be for no one to ever know that I even used the bathroom, but I'm digressing, aren't I? So, a possible lack of working restrooms plus a touch of claustrophobia, those two things. When I'm on an airplane, I feel like I have no personal space to even, you know, *breathe*, and it makes me so skittish. Let's not even combine all of these wacky fears plus my introverted personality and talk about the anxiety it causes me to have to ASK the person squashed next to me to GET UP and MOVE so that I can go to the bathroom.


It's so, so awful. This is why I usually sit on the aisle. Although, frankly, my clear inability to function normally in society :0 has made it so that I pretty much have eliminated this situation from happening, because I demand a bladder of STEEL from my body, and it has obeyed my demands. Believe me it's much better than the alternative - the conversation I mentioned above. Good heavens.

Somewhat thwarting my efforts in this regard these days though are the drink coupons that printed out with my boarding passes. BOOYAH!! Any anxious traveler knows how indispensable these babies are. One per leg, yes sir. And my flights are less than an hour each, not to mention in the middle of the afternoon. *delicately clears throat* Indeed, I know how ridiculous I am, but please humor the Nervous Nelly.

I will also have my Kindle with me, loaded up with all sorts of soothing inspirational fiction, and my knitting. Behold - the magnificence of the Trick or Treat Halloween sock yarn:

I wound it last night and, throwing caution and all of my other pressing holiday gift crafting aside, cast on:

I wanted a solid start, so it wouldn't be all fiddly when I was in the airport, and ta da! It's so, so cute. So, should I start to feel anxious, me and my self-patterning sock yarn will go to my happy place.

Travel aside, I *am* looking forward to seeing my sister and squeezing my precious nephews, so I'll have lots to write about next week. You won't see any posts until next Tuesday since I'm traveling both Friday and Monday, but I promise a post on Tuesday afternoon with all the details. Until then my friends, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll still be tweeting, so if you follow me on Twitter, you can be a part of all the fun, ha! I'll try to get a selfie of Henry and I in the airport. And wing up a prayer for us, if you would. ;-) Much appreciated!

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