Monday, October 20, 2014

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time - The power of the Holy Spirit...

Morning all! My day is absolutely nuts today, and tomorrow isn't abundantly better, so I'm trying to squeeze in some blogging while I have the early reference shift, which is always quiet. I had a very nice weekend, and Mass yesterday was just sublime, so I wanted to write about that if even for just a short spell. At left, you can see a blurry photo of Henry lighting a candle after Mass, which is one of his very favorite things to do, with Anne's pink pants and bright blue sweater behind him. We won't even talk about what a production it was for her to get dressed yesterday morning, because that would be categorized as one of the *low* points of the day. :0 Just picture an unruly scene featuring a toddler streaking around in her underwear screaming "NO!! I AM NOT WEARING *THAT*!!" for 20 straight minutes. Good times.

But Mass really did turn out well. Eventually.

I think I have finally come to terms with an important factoid about these Monday morning Mass reflection posts: I would really like for them to be all theological and prayerful, discussing how the readings apply to our daily lives. Well...the problem with this goal is that I rarely HEAR the readings, because I'm either taking Anne to the restroom or otherwise dragging her out from underneath a pew. :0 And I've finally realized that...that's all right. This is my state in life right now. This is what God is asking me to do. And I have always known that I get so much out of Mass whether or not I am able to hear and reflect upon the readings. Just the beauty and comfort of the liturgy, the Eucharist, all of *these* things are what buoy my spiritual life. Certainly, I need Scripture as well, but I can always fit that in when I have other quiet time. Given that Anne had woken up yesterday practically having the word "SASSY!" tattooed on her forehead, I knew that the chances of me reflecting on the Gospel message were low. But I was ok with that. I armed myself emotionally for battle and loaded the kids up in the car. :)

It's finally turned cold around here, and yesterday featured temperatures that never got out of the 40's. We arrived chilly and pink cheeked in our pew before the start of Mass, while the music ensemble warmed up. Anne announces:

"Mommy! I am going to pee my pants!"

I'm certain everyone in the pews around us was so happy to learn that little piece of information.

I scooped her up and hurried her to the sacristy restroom. We took care of her business and made our way back to the pew. She insisted on walking herself, and I didn't want to set her off, so I let her, and it actually went fine. As soon as we got back, the climbing began.

On the pew. Off the pew. Attempt to swing from the end of pew. Climb over feet on kneeler on way to opposite side of pew. Climb over feet on kneeler to make way back. Sit on floor and crawl under pew. Suddenly, she's eating a Goldfish cracker. WAIT, WE DIDN'T PACK ANY GOLDFISH CRACKERS!!!! Good God. We have another request to use the bathroom, and attempts to dissuade go *very poorly*. Back to the restroom we go. I was serene, but starting to feel exhausted.

We get back to the pew, and hark! It was like an angelic beam of light directed Anne's gaze to something on the floor. It was...a sequin.

"MOMMY! Look what I found! It's a beautiful, sparkly diamond!"

Children are so easy to please when it comes to shiny things. :) She refused to call it a sequin, it was "a sparkly!" and she cradled it like a baby kitty cat for the rest of Mass. Which meant that she actually sat and stood in ONE PLACE for the duration.


Thus, I was able to go back after Communion and glance through the readings in my Magnificat, picking out a sentence in St. Paul's letter to the Thessalonians:

"For our gospel did not come to you in word alone, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with much conviction."

The word of the Lord. Thanks be to God!

Mike has suggested that I acquire about a pound of sequins from the craft store and discreetly drop them when needed at Mass in the future. Oh look!! A runaway sparkly needs Anne's attention and nurturing. :0

How was your Sunday Mass, dear reader? Leave a comment if you please!

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