Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This post is about nothing, truly.

Aren't you so glad you subscribe to this blog for uplifting titles such as this one. ;-)

Just checking in! I have zero ideas for this post (very unlike me :)) I just figured I'd post an update for how things are going here on the home front. My swelling has gone down a bit overall, but my lower jaw is still very much swollen. Also, in the 30 minutes I wasn't examining my gums in the mirror this morning, bruising started to develop on my chin.

Oh goody.

SO glad that I took the whole week off from work. Taking off more than 3 consecutive sick days triggers this horrific FMLA train at work, even when you have paid time accrued (don't get me started, the whole thing makes me SO mad) but I'm glad that I tackled the paperwork beast so that I don't have to go to work looking like someone punched me in the face.

Thank goodness for small favors. :0

The inside of my mouth is healing. I will spare you the details, but on a Disgusting Scale of 1-10, with 10 being "hideous and frightening" and 1 being "a choir of angels sing, you look so good", my lower gums are now around a 4. That's down from a solid 7-8, so things are looking up. :)

It's been nice being home. Anne is loving having me home and I'm enjoying lots of nice errand running with her and Mike while Henry is at school. I've been happily reading the daily readings and prayers from Totus Tuus for my Marian consecration next month, as well as keeping up with the Magnificat prayers, knitting and tweeting. :) It's been lovely.

I'm hoping that my swelling will be down enough for me to go to dance on Friday. I'm optimistic. I get my stitches out on Monday, which I can't wait for. Things are going great!

How are things with you all?! Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you as I convalesce.



  1. I nominated you for a few fun blog awards. I loved the Advent Veil Project!

    1. Thank you so much! I will go check out your post. :)

  2. So glad you are recuperating! Your post yesterday about the procedure made me laugh out loud. :) In the words of Marge Fenelon, sometimes the only way out is through!


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