Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Catholic Librarian weekend of hookah, potty training, and visits to the periodontist...

Aren't you all just simmering with excitement. :0

Lots happening, let's see...I suppose we should just start with Friday:

My face continues to heal, but it is still bruised even today, so you can imagine that on Friday it looked even less good, if that makes any sense. I was determined, however, to have a night in which I felt normal again. Prior to dance class, I applied makeup for the first time all week, slathering on the concealer and carefully straightening my hair. I thought I looked pretty decent. :0 I arrive at class, and:

"Oh my gosh, ARE YOU OK?! You look so different!!"

Let's just say I've been feeling pretty self-conscious about the whole thing. I know it isn't permanent, but looking different than you usually do is tough psychologically, you know? I'm so impatient about healing processes. A day is fine, but after that I want to be back to my normal self. :0 I probably still have a week or two to go before the bruising is totally faded, so I'm steeling myself for the long haul.

At any rate, Friday night after class I went with a few dance friends to a local hookah lounge to see one of our troupemates perform. Happily, it was dimly lit, so I wasn't too worried about my face. :0 I had never been to a hookah lounge before. I'm not a smoker, so the intensity of the smokey environment isn't really my thing, but it really wasn't that bad. It was pretty low key, the owner and other employees were very respectful of the belly dancer. I had fun, although I do so hate being places in which the music is so loud you can't talk to/hear your table companions. #signofaging?

Too depressing to contemplate.

Anyway, it doesn't matter how many times I've seen someone dance, I ALWAYS love to watch them again and again. Everyone brings something unique to each performance and each interpretation of a song. I love dance. It's a real lovefest.

Saturday, our potty training adventures with Anne continued. It appears that our potty training experience with her goes as follows:

Day 1 - Anne = 1, Potty Pushing Parents = 4. There is much rejoicing.

Day 2 - Anne = Too Many to Count, Potty Pushing Parents = Totally Defeated.

Day 3 - Anne = 3, Exhausted Parents = 3. It's neck and neck.

Day 4 - Anne =5, Parents Losing All Hope in a Joyful Tomorrow = 1.

This morning, however, I get a phone call at work. I answer.


"Hi Mommy."

The kid can now have full phone conversations? I wish she would stop growing up so fast!!

"Hi Anne. How are you, Sweetie?"

"I am good. Guess what, Mommy?"


"I went poo!"

It's a true sign that you're a parent when you get excited about bowel movements and talk about them on your blog.

"Did you go poo *in the potty*?!"

"Yes, Mommy!!!"

"GOOD GIRL!! I'm so proud of you. Mommy will bring you home a treat!"

"*happy giggle* I have my green ball, Mommy."

*rest of the conversation is a bit odd* You know how that goes. ;)

So, today may be a good day. Tomorrow may make us lose our will to live. We will have to see.

So that's the potty news. In periodontal news, I went for a post op followup yesterday. My periodontist is just the sweetest person. He saw me and I could see a pained look of chagrin cross his features.

"Oh, I really got you good, didn't I? I'm sorry!"

A periodontist who apologizes? This guy is a keeper.

He looked in my mouth and declared that I am doing excellent, that the healing is going smashingly. I have to leave the lower sutures in until next Monday (which is a drag, they're really loose and bothering my poor beleaguered tongue) but everything looks great. I go back in a week for the final suture removal.

And so, that is that. I'm hoping that next week my bruising will be almost gone. I've been a woman on a mission, trying to look up natural foods and creams that cause bruises to heal faster.

*Mike comes home* *sniffs the air suspiciously*

"Honey, did you make...a really big salad?"

"Why?! Does it smell like vinegar in here?!"

"Well yeah."


*does not elaborate, due to bizareness of concoction*

We'll get there. :)

Tune in tomorrow for January's edition of the Catholic Book Club! We'll be discussing Walking with Mary, by Edward Sri.

How was everyone's weekend? Leave me a comment!


  1. Not sure if you have a local natural foods/medicine store, or a Whole Foods near you, but if you can get your hands on some Arnica (Boiron makes a topical gel and also homeopathic pills) it really does speed the healing of the bruises.

    Nothing like a "poo phone call" to make your day! I hope there are many more happy announcements from little Anne in the near future.

    1. Thanks Kate! I had read about Arnica, wasn't sure where to find it. No Whole Foods around here. But I do have an emu oil lotion that I buy from someone who makes natural products, and my bruising is now fading since I started using it! I'm thrilled!


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