Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall is in the air, hence: a holiday knitting update

Classes start on Monday here, gentle reader, and you know what this means: your Catholic Librarian starts to knit and crochet even more earnestly than she already was, and she starts to peruse Advent items for the kids. Yes, all before September 1st. I'm nuts like that.

About a month ago, I posted a list of gifts that I'd like to make for the fall and Christmas. I thought it might be amusing to check back on how we're progressing with them. Especially since I've been perusing *bedspread and winter coat patterns* so that I'll have a big project to work on IN MY SPARE TIME. This shows you the level of delusion that you're working with.

The original list is pasted in here in regular script. My updated comments will be below each person's list in red.

Mike - Mr. Rogers-style cardigan. He asked for one, and I think that's adorable. I have the yarn, and it's smashing. I'm knitting this.

I still have the yarn, it's still gorgeous. No knitting has yet begun on this one. *sweats* Plus, I've decided I really want to knit him a pair of socks out of Knit Picks new tweed sock yarn. Yes, I'm crazy.

Anne - Rainbow cardigan, watermelon hat, mittens (I came to my senses, she hates mittens), maybe a stuffed bear and/or a saint doll.

Rainbow cardigan is DONE! *gold star* The other items remain in yarn form in my stash.

Henry - Socks.

One sock is DONE! What's that you ask, dear reader? Doesn't he have two feet? Well, yes he does. The only problem is that I'm low on yarn. #projectplanningfail I'm going to order another skein with my next Knit Picks order, don't you worry, and then Henry will have TWO socks!

Various relatives that I see on Christmas Eve - Dishcloths using some cool patterns that I'm jonesing to try.

Haven't started on these yet. I'm going to crochet them, they should be fast. #powerofpositivethinking

Twin nephews - A sweater and a hat per baby.

Ah hem, nothing. However, I DID knit a sweater for ANOTHER baby, the child of a friend who I owed a birthday gift to. What's that, you say? This doesn't count toward holiday knitting? Moving on quickly...

Mom - Socks.

No movement on this score either. I may use my cherished self-patterning snowman sock yarn kit for her socks, so believe me, she'll come out ahead on this one.

Mother-in-law - new kitchen cloths and towels.

At her request, I made her a scarf instead, and it's DONE! *pats self on back*

Christmas exchange gift for a knitting group member yet to be determined - cannot release secret. :)

We haven't picked names yet, so I'm not behind on this one. *halo*

All right, so leaves me with a cardigan, 2 baby sweaters, 5 socks (not *pairs*, just 5 socks :)), 3 hats, a saint doll, an exchange gift and dishcloths to number with the stars.

That may actually be manageable. MAY. Let's check back on this again in a month, shall we? Will I have yet swatched for Mike's Mr. Rogers cardigan?! Oh the excitement and anticipation!!

As for Advent planning, prepare for multiple posts on that as the fall unfolds. :) No post tomorrow, I'm off, but I'll return for 7 Quick Takes on Friday!

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