Thursday, August 8, 2013

Enjoying a special feast day...

Happy feast of St. Dominic everybody! You know, this blog has always been special to me, but lately it has become even more so (what does this have to do with St. Dominic, you ask quite reasonably? Read on :)). I have always been a "journal girl" and blogging has always been such a natural fit for me. I enjoy writing, and having an audience for my writing, no matter how informal, means so much to me. And I always hoped that the material would be a ministry of sorts to *somebody* (anybody? *looks around hopefully*).

Lately, however, this blog has become a ministry to *me*. Researching for the Catholic Nook segments in particular have deepened my own faith significantly. The Catholic Book Club as well has kept me accountable with spiritual reading.

And all of this is to say that I had languished a bit in my vocation as a Third Order Dominican of late. I kept up with the charisms (mostly :)) but I haven't attended a membership meeting in some time because I felt self-conscious about bringing my kids to my decidedly more solemn and quiet Mass that was a part of that.

But all of a sudden my thirst for all things Dominican is unquenchable. And this blog, as well as the encouragement I received in the comments to my post about it, have inspired me tremendously. So exciting!

And so on this feast of St. Dominic I'm feeling particularly happy and prayerful. I've added a few books on Dominican spirituality to my queue for the Catholic Book Club, so keep your eyes peeled for those. I finished the Christian fiction book I was reading (Beth Wiseman's The House That Love Built), and so I've picked up spiritual reading again. It's not the book I was intending to read next, but that's often the case with me. :) I should be able to have a Catholic Book Club post late next week.

I do hope that everybody has a beautiful feast of St. Dominic! Read your Magnificat's or Liturgy of the Hours! Lovely selections for today.

Mike and I are taking Henry to a local amusement park this afternoon, so pray for me, asking for the intercession of St. Dominic. :0 As a child, I loved amusement parks. As an adult, not so much. People, heat, fast moving vehicular-like boxes.Not exactly my idea of a good time. :) However, it means the world to Henry, and so therefore I go. It's so wonderful to see your child happy.

You'll hear from me again tomorrow for 7 Quick Takes Friday!

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