Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday {Take 8}

-1- Well how about that, my two month anniversary with 7 Quick Takes! I have found the 7 Quick Takes linkup to be quite a blessing for me and this blog. I have found new blogs to read, and I know for a fact that a LOT more people read my humble thoughts on here now than ever before. I appreciate and pray for you all!! I love to write, and it means to much to have people actually read what I write. I remember, back in the days before blogs *settle in gentle reader, and bask in how old I am* I used to write up humorous reviews of bad television programs (Desperate Housewives anyone? And *brace yourselves* Temptation Island!!! what was I thinking?!) and email them to my friends and family who enjoyed such things. Ah, memories. Now I can write such things for the world to write. Should the world care, that is.

-2- You know what today is? (she's going to *kill* me for advertising this) My younger sister's 30th birthday. :) Happy Birthday! And the reason that I'm mentioning it is that I am, we'll just say, *a bit* older than her. It's more than a 2 year gap. :) And so, when my mom was pregnant with her, I *remember* that. I actually knew her before she was born! I remember painting my mom's toenails for her because she couldn't reach them with her big pregnant belly. :) And I remember feeling Shauna'h moving around in utereo. I mean, isn't that precious? PRECIOUS.

-3- Speaking of age, ugh. This one is right up there with my infamous eye doctor visit. I had a little dental trip this week that has left me a bit shell shocked. My dentist recommended that I go see a periodontist for a gum-related issue (aren't you so glad that you know this?) and I've been putting it off for seriously almost a year. It's nothing personal against dentists you see, I just HATE THEM. I don't know what it is, but I find it incredibly uncomfortable to have any work done on my teeth. As a child, like many others, I had braces and hence saw an orthodontist for years. Who was very nice, but I also had to have some teeth extracted and THAT guy? Not so nice. Maybe I have Dental PTSD.

Anyway, I finally dragged myself to the periodontist, and actually, he was super. He gets an A. Very kind, sympathetic, warm and understanding. Loved him. Didn't so much love what he told me. Want to know what he told me? Apparently my braces from all those years ago caused my gums to move away from my teeth in one part of my mouth (lovely, yes I know). As you can imagine, that's not a good situation. The gum not being in the proper position can lead to bone loss which of course can lead to YOUR TEETH FALLING OUT. And do you want to know what they do to fix this?

No, dear reader, you do NOT want to know. I'm going to spare you, but I'll just say that it involves surgery, and if I want to fix this little problem I'm going to have to have this surgery to the tune of over $1,000. Pleasant? Not by a long shot. And even talking about the surgery specifics leaves me in tears so I'll refrain, but be prepared for me to be complaining about this again coming up here. A LOT.

-4- On that note, we desperately need something positive to focus on, so let's talk dance. :) My troupe is performing at two events tomorrow, both outside, please pray for the safety of our flower trays. :0 I'm also doing a solo *bites nails* so let's all pray that nothing horrifying befalls me this time. I will report in on Monday. :)

-5- Speaking of dance, a flamenco teacher is starting classes at my studio in September, and I have to say, I'm SUPER tempted. I've always wanted to learn flamenco. I hate to commit to another hour class per week, though this one is Tuesday nights after Anne goes to bed, so maybe? I will keep you posted.

-6- If you haven't yet read up on the new Catholic Book Club that I'm hosting, please do so if you'd like to join us! The first book is The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality - A Drink Called Happiness slated for discussion on September 25th. This isn't available as an ebook, I ordered a print copy. Amazon has a bunch of used copies listed in the Marketplace for around $8 (add on $3.99 shipping), or definitely check out your local library to see if you can scare up a copy. :) Even if you aren't affiliated with the Dominican order like I am, you may enjoy reading about what makes this order special and what it's charisms can teach all of us.

-7- Mike and I are taking Henry on a hike today, so I'm hoping to get lots of exercise and breathe in lots of fresh air. I'm certain that, since Henry is along, we will also (a) answer lots of questions, and (b) stop to eat multiple times. But what a fabulous late August venture!

Have a great weekend everybody! Check out other 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!


  1. First time at your blog. Sorry about your dental will be worth it in the long run! ((hugs))

    1. Thank you for the hug, very needed!! And thanks for reading, hope you come back.

  2. I too hate dentists (and doctors in general). I have a dentist appointment on Friday. I hope it goes better then yours.

  3. I'm pretty new at this and I've started following you. I'm a fellow Catholic book blogger.

    1. Oh great, thank you so much! I will check out your blog!


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