Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today is the day...

...that will be my baby's birthday. :) My water broke around 6 am this morning (do I have no shame with these details?!) Please pray for me! I will post when I return from the hospital and I am up to it, but it will be at least several days.

Thank you!! I can't wait to post pictures of the much awaited Baby CL! *beams*


  1. Ahhh oh my gosh!! Many prayers coming your way! I hope your delivery goes smoothly and as painlessly as possible!

  2. Good Luck!! I can't wait to meet Baby CL! :)

  3. Good luck!! I can't wait to meet Baby CL!! :)

  4. I'll let Tiffany make the grand announcement with details, but I just wanted to let everyone know she had Baby CL about an hour ago and everyone is doing well!


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