Monday, May 9, 2011

Still hanging in there at 38 weeks

I'm here. :) And I expect that I will remain for this entire week. Which is just fine by me. Mike had his second exam today, and will have his third and final one on Thursday, so I'm definitely wanting to hold out until then. After that, he has a bit of grading to do for the class he's teaching. So, I see making it to 39 weeks as a really, really good thing. After that, all bets are off. I'd say I'm on "light alert" this week, since some women do go into labor naturally at 38 weeks, but next week I'll officially be on "high alert" until the birth. Very exciting.

So, the weekend. On Friday, I had dance class. Yes, I'm still belly dancing, inexplicably enough. It still feels so good to dance. The only problem being that I never bought maternity workout clothes and just made do with stretchy yoga pants and tops. Well, the tops are still "stretchy" but not comfortably. So I abandoned them in favor of a sleeveless maternity dress. I was much more comfortable. And I can still undulate and shimmy, making me very happy. The only things challenging for me right now are turns and twists. There's no mistaking it, when I twist my hips quickly I feel a distinct "sloshing" sensation. It just feels...weird.

On Saturday, I put the finishing touches on the paint in the baby's nursery. It looks good, and the carpet is also in. In terms of furniture though, it's an absolute disaster. The office furniture is still in there, and we simply won't be able to move it out until Mike is done with his finals this weekend. All of the baby's stuff is currently crammed in the closet, some of it still in boxes. I'm itching to get at it, but it has to wait until the office furniture is gone. *sighs*

But we're getting there. I've had a wonderful pregnancy, but I'm finally officially uncomfortable and can't wait to push this baby out. To be honest, I don't really love being pregnant all that much, although it's very, very worth it for the end result. But I'm in the home stretch, so no worries. I'm sick to death of my maternity clothes (I knew this would happen, does every time), I can't even remember what my belly used to look like, my belly button is smooshed beyond recognition, and I haven't been able to shave normally in months. You know that little button stores put in frozen turkeys that pops up when the turkey has reached the correct temperature and is done? Right, very comparable. Baby CL is fully baked.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my ob/gyn so we'll see what he/she is currently up to then. :) I really, really can't wait to meet him or her.

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