Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still hanging in there...

Today is the day in my last pregnancy (39 weeks, 1 day) that I delivered. I didn't think it would be psychologically difficult for me to get to this day in my second pregnancy and not have the baby, since I knew from the outset how different the 2 cycles were. However, all of that being said, I'm still human, so I'm finding it a tad hard to swallow that I feel absolutely fine today. :) My original guess corresponds to what my NFP instructor also thinks: sometime between tomorrow, May 18th and the 24th. Thus, I figured all along that the earliest I'd deliver would be later this week. That's only a day or two away, but all of you moms know that each day at this stage feels like an eternity.

I do have an appointment with the ob/gyn this afternoon, so we'll see what the little muffin is up to. I sincerely hope that he/she has been up to lots of things that will cause me agonizing pain very shortly.

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