Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's going on with the belly?

I will say that one really nice thing about late pregnancy is that your belly is like a toy that is always attached to you. There's always something interesting going on in there.

For about the past week, I've gotten the feeling that something is afoot in Baby CL's water home. Suddenly, my sciatica, although still present, is not nearly as bad. Even more impressive, the *crippling* digestive pain that I've had for this entire pregnancy is almost entirely gone. I did a belly inspection today and had my knitting friends do the same over lunch. The verdict is in: my belly is definitely and suddenly lower.


I don't think the baby is coming early or anything. It's just nice to know that everything is progressing as it should, and you get this reassurance so much earlier in a second + pregnancy. I've been noticing hiccups coming from the direction of my nether regions for the past few weeks, so I'm pretty confident that Baby CL is in the head down position. Now, I think their head has engaged lower into my pelvis, and that's just fine with me. Lock her in there! We don't want any flipping prior to birth. :)

I carried Hank higher for my entire pregnancy, right up until I went into labor, so maybe that explains the horrible sciatica and restrictive breathing I experienced with him. Now, granted, this baby is about to get a heck of a lot bigger in the coming weeks, so these discomforts may still come back to cozy up to me. But I'll take any reprieve that I can get. I'm feeling very happy with my belly right now.

Unfortunately, my bladder is now taking the brunt of things, but hey. You can't have everything. :)

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