Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A sleepy Ash Wednesday...

As ever, I am glad that Ash Wednesday is here and that Lent has begun. Hank and I are going to ashes late this afternoon.

I'm super sleepy though, I just haven't been sleeping well. It's not terrible, and plus it's heartening to connect the increasing discomforts with the imminence of Baby CL's arrival! Very exciting. This weekend, for my nesting festivities, I may try to paint the trim in the nursery. That's a bit crazy, probably. If it's too cold, I won't be able to do it, since I wouldn't be able to open the windows to properly ventilate. We'll see. I'm dying to nest though, and I'm running out of things I can do at the present moment, so I must solve this dilemma.

The other morning, I was reading my introductory issue of American Baby over my morning bowl of Raisin Bran. The topic isn't funny, but I found the quick chart of "Who is at Risk for PostPartum Depression?" kind of amusing:

(1) Prior history of depression before pregnancy - Nope (before my pregnancy with Hank, that is)
(2) Prior sexual abuse - Nope
(3) Unplanned or unwanted pregnancy - Definitely nope
(4) Marital conflict - Nope
(5) Hormonal issues related to thyroid function, etc. - Nope
(6) Lack of social/family support - Nope
(7) Type A Personality. Uh oh.


On a serious note, the single greatest risk factor for developing PPD is a prior incidence of PPD. This is definitely me. I'm on the lookout for it this time, and I'm doing everything possible to buoy my spirits naturally, plus I'm more prepared for the warning signs. I'm optimistic that I can beat it this time. I also saw that my hospital has a support group for PPD. Good information to have.

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