Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tired librarian, and baby equipment...

This week is really flying by. I had a reference shift this morning, followed shortly thereafter by 2 sessions of library instruction for English Composition. I'm pooped.

After I finished teaching, I actually took the elevator for the first time in as long as I can remember. My office is on the 4th floor of the library, and I always prefer the stairs. No waiting and good exercise. The past week I've been noticing that I get out of breath real easy on the stairs. I remember this from my pregnancy with Hank. More pressure on the old diaphragm. It's ok, means the baby is getting bigger and will be here with us soon. :) I took the stairs all day today, but I'd reached my limit. I'm officially winded.

Thus, I'm taking a quick break to try and wrangle up some energy before I go home. Let's talk baby equipment. :) We have 2 items that I'm concerned with and would love feedback on. It is your mission if you choose to accept it. :)

(1) Diaper Pail. Wait. I'm having a flashback. I already asked about this right? PREGNANCY BRAIN. I think I'm going to go with deltaflute's suggestion of a plain old metal waste basket. Doesn't absorb the smell as much as plastic. I was looking at the Diaper Genie again, and I just don't think I can do it. The expensive refills just seem like a pain in the you-know-where. And I don't want to stick my hand in that claw part with a dirty diaper in it. Moving on...

(2) Infant car seat. So, we still have an infant car seat that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's a Graco Step 1 Safe Seat, and it's an infant bucket that has a weight limit of 30 lbs. It was brand new when we had Hank, and I adored it. I still do. Unfortunately, it expires after December 2011. Hank was a GIGANTIC infant and surpassed 20 lbs in a shocking amount of time. Even though it sounds crazy to cart around a 30 lb baby in a tote seat, it was a lifesaver for when he fell asleep in the car, and you could carry him into the house or store asleep in the bucket.

So....We can use it for a few months, but by January 2012, I'm not going to want Baby CL to make the switch to a convertible car seat just yet. I love my bucket. Hank stayed rear facing in his until well past 1 year.

Now, Graco has infant seats that go to 32 and 35 lbs! Sweet Graco. They're Snugrides now, but they seem just like my seat with just a slightly higher weight limit. Does anyone have one of these? They're pricey, but I'd rather get something we like and know will last a decent amount of time. We may even get a gift card to put toward it. Maybe I can wait until Babies R Us has their next trade-in event? I do have some time to play with, since our current seat can still be used through the end of the year. Decisions, decisions...


  1. I have a Graco Snugride. Well, we kind of bought it not knowing if we'll like it, so I'm really not much help... But I did ask some women on a Catholic forum, and one lady said she has a Snugride and loves it.

    Besides the fact that Graco is supposedly good for car seats.

    We bought ours because we found a travel system (car seat as well as stroller) on clearance at Walmart. Originally $199, marked down to $100. So basically it's like getting the stroller free. It was just because it's last year's color scheme.

    So maybe hunt around and see if you can find any discontinued items, it saves a lot of money!

  2. Car seats expire?

    On the diaper front, I THINK I started typing this the other day and then got distracted and never posted it, so forgive me if I did, but I will never forget the HORROR of walking downstairs from Nathaniel's bedroom with this gigantic twisted chain of disgusting diapers wrapped around my neck and torso.

    We had some other device for Finn, but really, I got sick of that pretty quickly too and eventually just started using all the plastic grocery bags we're always accumulating. Especially when he was smaller and we went through diapers more often, I'd just have one open in a little UNCOVERED pail, and when something smelly went in it, it was time to tie a knot in it and throw it in the real trash. The key was leaving it uncovered if it was just a pee diaper -- it's trapping in all the odor that leads to the concentrated stink that makes your eyes tear up!

  3. We had a snugride and it was fine. I haven't seen the newer ones yet. Although I did attempt to help a grandparent install their's in their car. It was a fiasco. Short story: read the instruction manual and don't try to just wing it. should be fine, but I imagine it's heavier so it's up to you or rather how well you think your back can handle it post-delivery.

    My suggestion: look at one in the store. And then see if you can find it cheaper online. Sometimes Toys R US has online deals. Amazon sells them and you can also call the manufacturer direct.

    My favs car seats are the Britax. I like them because the latch is easier to install, but with a bucket it shouldn't matter. And I like Peg but I haven't seen one up close and personal. I just like the features, but I'd have to see them in action.


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