Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend dancing and baby growth

Our weekend was so busy that I didn't get much nesting done, but that's ok. I still have plenty of time. I'm still plotting away in my little mind, and I know things will come together as spring approaches.

But speaking of spring...whoa baby, is it cold here today. We're used to winter weather, but it's fairly uncommon for temperatures to dip below 0 in this region. There were some school closings and delays this morning due to the dangerous wind chill and buses failing to start. The dead of winter is here in full force. Next week will bring February, and while still plenty wintry, I see that as a bit of a turning point. February is infinitely closer to May than January. :)

At any rate, I didn't get any work done on the baby's room, but he or she is growing steadily. Despite the physical discomforts, I enjoy this second half of pregnancy more than the first. You can feel the baby moving and growing, and with the birth so much closer, the sense of anticipation is just rife with excitement.

I'm officially at that stage of pregnancy where sleeping positions become an issue. Your back is no longer comfortable, and your stomach is getting dicey. You're stuck with your sides, and thus shifting in the night resembles a beached sea creature grasping for the comforts of water. Spending too much time on one side results in a sore hip, so I swith frequently, and doing a full 180 is not conducive to my husband getting much sleep, but it can't be helped. Last time, I procured a gigantic body pillow that Mike called my "boyfriend" to try and ease the aches. We have a double bed only, and this thing took up the space of a full person. I'm foregoing the body pillow this time, hence the flipping.

Besides a little sciatica, I feel great. Finally, I am noticing a slight difference in my dancing. My center of gravity is off, and so turning with anything resembling grace is growing challenging. My little muscle ache is mostly better, but still comes back to bite me occasionally, and 3/4 shimmies "on the up" seem to be a particular problem. I've designed a faker shimmy move that will have to do for the time being. :) Otherwise, I really do feel good. And despite a weight gain of (a very normal) 12 pounds, I feel confident that my body looks feminine and beautiful. I've been better about psychologically balancing my body image this time as compared to last. Probably out of necessity, since I'll be squeezing into my costume again in about 3 weeks to appear in public. With a bare belly. Fit Pregnancy magazine has helped me to see that pregnant bodies are lush and lovely.

And here's a little TMI for those of us who are not particularly lushly endowed under normal circumstances: it's not just your belly that grows during pregnancy. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror undressed over the weekend and nearly fainted. Are those mine?! I look like I could appear in an adult film. I'm enjoying it, while it lasts. :)

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  1. He he about the busties. I felt the same way but I think it had to do with my chest all the way around was a bit bigger. The busties are still there but they stick out less.


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