Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little baby to pray for...

I'm a huge message board reader, and one of the secular boards that I frequent these days is I mostly linger on the May 2011 board, since it consists of women all in the same stage of pregnancy that I am, although I also visit the 2nd Trimester board, Baby Names, Natural Birth, and Pregnant Over 35. I mostly lurk, but I do enjoy my time over there. I usually read posts while I'm eating lunch.

A few weeks ago, it came to my attention that one of the women on the May 2011 board had received a devastating diagnosis for her unborn baby. Her 20 week ultrasound indicated Down Syndrome, which was later confirmed via amniocentesis, and unfortunately his case is a severe one. He has a serious heart defect such that he may not even live to birth. His mother started a blog that I now follow: Prayers for Mason. This is a Christian family that I know would appreciate the extra prayers.

Given my age, early in my pregnancy I dwelled for a time on what it would be like to carry a baby that you knew that severe health problems. I would do what this mother is also choosing: to carry my baby to term or as long as he shall live, and just deal with things as they arise. But my goodness. What an emotional roller coaster, to put it mildly. Dealing with how sick your baby is, but also the fact that they live in you for the time being, but may not make it once outside the womb. Just heartbreaking. It makes any pregnancy woes I experience trivial by comparison, and I vow never to complain about them again. I will offer them up for this family, and urge you to do the same.

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