Thursday, January 13, 2011


Pregnancy brings out all the indignities and words you'd never usually say in polite conversation, doesn't it? I'm in the mid-second trimester, and this is when the more serious discomforts traditionally begin. With Hank, I had severe sciatica, and thought maybe I'd escaped it this time...

Not to be. Sciatica is quite literally a pain in the ass. It's the baby putting pressure on a nerve that runs directly through your left butt cheek. I notice it most when I get up from sitting or laying for a length of time. Right now, it's not bad, but as I creep toward the third trimester, I know what awaits me. But alas. It disappears immediately with delivery, so somehow, I'll make it.

The new thing is even less pleasant. I mean, is there anything good about the word "groin"? It's a very awkward-sounding word, if you ask me, which you didn't. It makes me visibly cringe to even read that word. But somehow, I've managed to strain a muscle there. *shudders." Great, crotch pain. Just what you figured you'd be reading about today.

I noticed it a few days ago when I set off for my daily walk. I walk every day for exercise, my handy iPod Max in tow, and in the winter, I walk indoors. The buildings here are conveniently connected by a serious of indoor walkways. It's not exactly scenic, but it's practical. Well, about 10 minutes into my walk, the right side of my groin *shudders AGAIN* starts to feel like it's on fire. And the problem became that even slowing down or stopping for a minute didn't abate it, and then I was a long way from my office. Sitting down and resting for about 10 minutes following the walk seemed to be the only remedy.

I don't experience this when simply walking as I go about my daily business, or even taking the stairs, which I do multiple times each day. But when I do my exercise walking, I seem to unconsciously hit the "POWER!" button in my brain, and my pace is substantially quicker. Even consciously trying to get myself to slow down had little effect. I guess it's all the bad (but fun, admit it!) 80's and 90's music I have on my workout playlist. MC Hammer anybody?

Today, I decided to take a different tack, knowing that I simply needed to take it easy. Instead of gearing up with Max, I grabbed my coat and boots. I went outside, and it was wonderful. I didn't walk for as long, true, and without music accompaniment I seemed better able to control my pace. Plus, the snow acted as a natural pace setter. It was cold and snowy, but walking outside in the winter is so, so peaceful. Barely anyone else is out there, and it's quiet and serene. Plus, I could just loop around my cluster of buildings, so if I felt uncomfortable, I didn't have far to go to get back to my office. It worked out well. No pain.

I go to the doctor for my regular monthly appointment on Monday, so I'll ask her about it then. I'm hoping this won't put a damper on my belly dancing, but obviously, I have no control over it. I'll just have to deal with whatever happens. In the end, it's very worth it.

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