Monday, January 24, 2011

New headcoverings...

I hadn't bought any new headcoverings in awhile, and since I'm wearing mine more, I felt justified in adding to my collection. Especially since Melissa of Happy Homestead on etsy is going on maternity leave for a time, I thought now was my opportunity to pounce.

I'm a big fan of headbands. They keep my hair off my face, and they're very easy to throw on in the mornings and wear just about anywhere. I'm not a "full time coverer," but I have to say that I enjoy wearing my coverings both in and out of Sunday Mass. It does seem to remind me to try to "pray without ceasing" when I'm wearing them. They just make me feel soothed.

Thus, I procured 2 new stretchy lace headbands, and I adore them both. These are so pretty, and fit any head size. I feel completely comfortable wearing these to work or out shopping. One is sage green:

and the other is mulberry:

I have to say, the mulberry is the most frivolous of the three (dark purple? it just struck my fancy for deep, rich colors, so I treated myself) but it's my favorite. :) It's just SO pretty. And I've found that I do have a number of things that coordinate with it.

I also picked up a new convertible covering in a fabric called "Spring Daisies":

This can be worn as above, or converted to a headband. I like the colors, very springy. I have several others in this style, and I wear them all often. I wear them fuller around the house, and then cinch them into a headband for outside wear.

I'll fess up and admit that I've been a tad naughty and have been perusing Garlands of Grace for new arrivals as well. Sigh. If only a money tree grew in our backyard... They should have their new spring line out soon, and I may not be able to resist. :) But I have a rule; I have to wait at least a month since a prior purchase. :)

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