Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Headcovering alert...

I was perusing one of my favorite headcovering shops the other day, Happy Homestead on etsy, and saw that the owner, Melissa, had posted a message. She's due to give birth shortly, and will be putting her store on vacation mode for quite awhile starting at the beginning of February. So, if you are in the market for a cute new covering, head over quick! I'm plotting to make a few new additions, and I'm having a hard time choosing!

What I like about her coverings is that they are in the cute style that I like (convertible kerchief/headbands, though she also does make longer veils), they're well made, and she ships them out lickety split. You'll have your new coverings in days. I've got my eye on several.

I like this style:
and this one:

and she'll make them in a multitude of colors. Decisions! I do like the deep purple, but also a dark green. Maybe cinnamon? That might look nice with my hair...

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