Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My new silk veil...

One of my Christmas gifts was to choose a silk veil for myself, and it arrived on Christmas Eve. Naturally, I had to share. :)

I chose this one:
The vendor is a seller named Silkdancer at etsy. She was having a December sale, so I really got a great price. This veil is absolutely beautiful. The main color is hot pink, and the edges taper to an orange, and then a bright yellow. This design is called Hot Pink Lemonade. The quality of the silk is very high, so if anybody is in the market for a silk veil, definitely check out Silkdancer's selections.

I love dancing with a silk veil, and I'm actually crafting a new solo using mine. Silk has transformed my trepidation to all veils into an eager learning fest, and I'm enjoying it very much. Veils very much intimidate me. You see them a lot in American style cabaret belly dancing. They're a popular prop. In America, it's acceptable to use them for a whole dance, or part of a dance, after which you flick it off and dance without it for the remainder of your song. In either of these cases, I did not like using them. I felt like I was wrestling with the veil to make it obey and not focusing as much on my dancing. Silk has changed that. The way it floats and trails around you is breathtaking and much more effortless than chiffon. I will say, using a veil gives your upper arms a serious workout. It's not that they're heavy, but keeping it up so that you don't trip on it and afloat the way you wants works those muscles nicely.

I've been experimenting with different things in my choreography because using a veil means that you want to highlight its movements in way that also complements your dancing. You can't just tack it on to what you would usually do without using a veil. I may treat myself to a veil moves DVD with an amazon gift card, and I'm very excited.

Being pregnant has actually stimulated my belly dancing, and I've been enjoying it tremendously. I think it's because you're so much more aware of your body when you're pregnant. I love the second trimester - I'm definitely in that happy, comfortable zone. I imagine that once I get into the third trimester, I may have to slow down a bit, but for the time being, my veil, iPod and I have been in residence in the kitchen most nights, swirling away.

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