Monday, December 6, 2010

Me and my belly dancing baby...

I haven't posted about belly dancing in awhile, and with a hafla approaching, I knew I was due. :) Despite my pregnancy, I plan to dance until I deliver, unless my doctor says otherwise, of course. So far, all indications are for an uneventful pregnancy, so I'm good to go. I'll have to take off 6 weeks following delivery, and I have to admit, I'm dreading that a bit. I'll miss it terribly! But I'll have my hands full with a newborn, and I'll be back before I know it. I may even be able to do some of my belly dance videos while the baby naps during the day, something that never happens with only 1 tv in the house, and a husband and son to share it with!

At any rate, at 4 months pregnant, I still have my dancing mojo going on pretty strong. The early nausea and exhaustion killed my evening practicing that I used to do after Hank went to bed, but I can still move just the way I did before. I do have a small baby bump, but it isn't that noticeable to others yet. I'm still firmly in regular clothes, and I've gained about 4-5 lbs. So far, I still feel my usual dancing self.

Our performance group is doing 2 numbers for the hafla, and we're also doing a drum number (my favorite kind) with the mixed level class. I had deferred doing a solo, since I simply didn't have the energy for the evening practice and choreography that would entail. Even though it simply wasn't possible, I'm feeling sad about it now with the performance approaching. I loved challenging myself with a solo at the grand opening party.

Last night I started contemplating re-using the solo I choreographed this summer for the grand opening. I only performed it once, and the audience at the hafla will likely be a good deal different. I think I may email Claire today to see what she thinks. She'll probably encourage me to do it. Right now this seems like a good idea, but I guarantee that in a week and a half, right before the show, I'll be sorry. Seems to be like I'll do it anyway. This is my usual cycle of torturing myself.

I practiced it last night to see if I remembered it. I mostly remembered it, and luckily had notes to refresh my memory on the rest. It's a good number, and it's my signature type of song, drum. To be on the safe side, I also tried on my costume. I'm very pleased to say that it still fits. (Thank God, or I would have had to dance in a mumu. I already gave the group my word that I'll perform with them, and with only 6 of us, each body counts).

I inspected my bare belly carefully, since my costume does not cover it. Here's the honest analysis. It doesn't look half bad. :) And for 16 weeks pregnant, I'll take it. I'll be just shy of 18 weeks at the hafla. I actually love my belly, especially after having a baby. You become one with your belly during pregnancy. :) It's a cute belly, really it is. I did get a few stretch marks from Hank, but they all fall (TMI alert) below my bikini line. Unfortunately, with pregnancy, comes...I'll just say it. Hair. You get lots of hair when pregnant, and not necessarily in places that you'd like to have hair. This includes the belly. I do shave it, but I feel weird doing so. Aren't you so glad I shared that? Just wait until later in pregnancy. I'll tell you about that later.

Anyway, I'm so grateful for my dancing. It's a wonderful physical, social, and creative outlet for me. With my second trimester (somewhat) energy boost (meaning I can stay up til 9 now, instead of 8), I think that I can use the next 2 weeks to practice and get myself in solo fighting shape. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I think that's awesome that you're keeping up with your dancing! I've sort of fallen off the workout wagon with feeling so sick. I'm lucky if I go work out once a week. Hopefully I'll be back at it soon though..

    And I think I'm the complete opposite of you, I want a baby bump! But that's just probably the 1st timer in me :D

  2. That's so great that you're still in dancing shape! At 16 weeks people were asking me when I was due and the "you're about to pop!" comments were starting!

    And it will be neat to have pictures to show the baby of you dancing when you were pregnant!


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