Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catholic baby names

I'm starting to feel the baby move a little bit more, and I'm loving it. He or she is getting so big! My belly is still pretty small, which as you know, is fine with me. :) But this pregnancy is very much mirroring my weight gain with Hank. I was hoping for less, but alas. :) I shouldn't complain though. I'm very much of low average weight for my height. So, that means a 25-35 pound weight gain. I gained 30 total with Hank, and ugh, I hated it at the end. I was just so uncomfortable. I know that it was right in the middle of normal, but that doesn't make it easily bearable. I will say that it all came right off (save for 2 pounds) within a week of delivery. So it's not like there was a lot of excess there. It's just a fact of pregnancy. So far, with this one, I've gained about 5-6 pounds. Pretty much exactly what it was like with Hank at this stage. I'm still in my regular clothes, which I'm happy about.

One week from today, I have my "big" ultrasound. We're very excited. I will provide the caveat, however, that we do not find out the sex of our babies prior to birth. :) So, it'll be a surprise! It'll be nice to see the baby and how they're developing, regardless.

The upcoming ultrasound got me to thinking about baby names. We've discussed this already, and we're happily of one mind on the types of names that we both like. I only use saint/biblical names, and Mike prefers more traditional names, so these turn out to be one and the same. We're pretty certain about what we'll be using, with some small wiggle room remaining on middle names and a boy first name (we have it narrowed down to a top three).

For girls, I like:

Mary (and variants)

For boys, I like:

Peter (my grandfather's name)
Edward (this is Mike's favorite, but not in my top two)

I enjoy this topic. What are your favorite Catholic names?


  1. I like Joann and Mary and Anne for girls. But I may not a get a choice on that since we name our kids after family and there isn't a Joann (except through marriage and very distant).

    Boys are tougher. I don't have a particular favorite.

    My husband and I are named after great grandparents. So to keep up the tradition, HB is named after H who was my grandfather (now deceased) and B who is Hubby's grandfather who is alive. He is their first great grand child. Both names are saints names. Both men were/are Catholic so it works.

    I'm thinking the next boy will have his grandfather's middle names and the next girl we've been debating. Hubby wants her to have his grandmother's name, but there already has a cousin named after her and my name is really too close. I try and pick names that others in the family don't have or make it a middle name.

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  3. I love Therese (it's on our if-we-ever list)

  4. These are strictly my own personal taste and two cents - since you asked....

    I love Katherine Grace
    and I think Joseph Edward would be nice. Edward is a good, solid middle name, but not my preference for a first name.

    Of course with Katherine and Joseph you have think about "nicknames" and what others might call him/her.

    All beautiful classic names to choose from though!


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