Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me and my belly dancing baby, 4 and a half months...

(Photos by Armand de Kemp)

So, there you have it. :) I really love Middle Eastern dance. This pregnancy, I feel really good about my body, and I credit this dance form. I mean, under normal circumstances I like my body. It's not Victoria's Secret Catalog material, but it's what God gave me, and I appreciate it. When I'm pregnant, I tend to feel very self-conscious. This time, that's been better.

I actually watched a dancer on YouTube the other day dance in a costume very similar to mine (meaning, belly baring) at 7 and a half months. She looked gorgeous. There is nothing more feminine than the pregnant form.

Anyway, the hafla went very well. We had a couple of things pop up, namely the Case of the Missing Veil, and the Great Nosebleed Crisis, but all were handled deftly and swiftly.

I had a performance group number, and then a wait until my solo. It was kind of comical in that we all *volunteered* to do solos, and then the time comes, and the lineup looks like a group waiting for their turn at the guillotine. It's nerve wracking, to be sure, but it truly is the only way to improve. I see performing very much like public speaking; nobody loves doing it, but the only way to excel is to do it again and again and again.

So, the time for my solo came, and as I glided out with what I hoped approximated grace, arms held at hip level, thumbs tucked in, fingers arranged just so, I realized that Claire had accidentally forgotten about me, so it's a good thing I just barreled on out. My music started, and once again I hated myself in that moment for deciding to torture myself in this manner, but all went well. I could tell that I was a little stiff, that can't be helped, but overall it was good. And short! Just the way I like it. Keep 'em wantin' more.

After that, I immediately had 2 group numbers, so it was quite the little marathon, but all went well. As usual, I was so glad that I did it. And I'm already planning my next solo. :) I loved dancing with the silk veil so much, that I asked Mike for one for my upcoming birthday, and he agreed. I'm in the color selection process right now, and super excited. I plan to dance up through delivery, so lots of dancing to come. :)


  1. There's no way you can be 4 1/2 months along. You look skinnier than me. I'm jealous.

    But that's my build for you. We're short roundish people in the face etc. My belly is always going to stick out. And I'm forever going to look like I have a double chin even though I don't. My neck curves down gradually; it's family trait. We're not pronounced people with pointed angles. Even our noses look round.

    I think it makes me look overweight, but I'm not. I'm really healthy...just round. You look muscular. *sigh* I'll never look that way even if I tried.

    Okay...I'm going to snap out it and not be envious. Round people are cute and we look huggable (although sometimes I wish people wouldn't).


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