Monday, November 22, 2010

What's new in Baby CL's world?

Baby CL is officially doing quite well. I was to see my obstetrician this morning. All of my tests (including the nuchal fold scan) came back completely normal. This is a relief, and now I won't have to worry about much resistance when I decline the amniocentesis. When the doppler was applied, BABY CL cooperated easily and we heard his/her heartbeat right away. This baby definitely seems very 'chill.' As opposed to Hank, whom we had to chase around my womb several times with the doppler. Every time we glimpse this baby, he or she is hanging out in a very relaxed-like manner. Maybe this one will sleep through the night prior to the end of one very long year. A girl can hope.

As for me, I'm officially in the second trimester, and glad to be free of a lot of my (much stronger than last time) first trimester symptoms. I have gained about 1.5-2 pounds, which I know is totally normal, but I can tell that I've officially begun to gain pregnancy weight. I don't care how temporary it is, it's still a struggle for me. But I try my best. It's pretty difficult to watch what I eat, considering how I'm HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. I mean, I actually fantasize about food. It's quite disturbing, actually.

Saturday, Mike and I went out on a date night, which we haven't done in far too long. Money has been tight with Christmas approaching, so we've let this slip. But every married couple needs this quality time, so we made it a priority. I was craving Thai food, so we went to a very nice Thai/Vietnamese restaurant. Holy smokes. The food was so good I'm still fantasizing about it to this very minute. I had a flat noodle dish, with vegetables and sea scallops, in a sweet soy sauce. I ate every bite. I could have halved my portion and saved the rest for leftovers, but I mean, really? There are some things in life that are meant to be simply enjoyed. I also liked the fact that Mike and I could split a big pot of hot green tea, and therefore I didn't miss having a glass of wine as much. It was fab. We walked to a local coffee shop afterward and had hot chocolate. I forced Mike to split a biscotti with me. :) A wonderful evening.

At any rate, I digress. Baby is doing well, and I couldn't ask for more. I'm keeping up with my exercise and hoping that my weight gain stays under 30 pounds. I gained exactly 30 lbs. last time, and even 5 less pounds may make me a lot less uncomfortable. We'll see. The time that will tell will be after 20 weeks on that one.

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