Friday, November 5, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and guess who's turning 5?

Ahhhh, winter. I'm one of those odd people that truly enjoys winter. Of course, I also just particularly enjoy this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, which most people do, regardless of their feelings about winter. I'm already playing Christmas music in my office, and during my walks my holiday playlist is all I listen to. I'm plotting Christmas gift purchases, and I'm stalking the Hallmark Channel's web site for upcoming shlocky Christmas movies. I can't tell you the pleasure I take from watching these. They're all pretty much the same. Some workaholic scrooge of a person, usually a banker or a lawyer, has a miserable view of life and humanity and by some quirky twist of fate must go home for the holidays. Lots of touching moments ensue, and they change their outlook and their path in life. Usually, they also fall in love. *sighs blissfully*

This weekend *set your DVR's!* Hallmark Channel is running a movie called A Family Thanksgiving. Saturday at 9 pm; everybody make your husbands watch it with you! Mine is already prepping his beer selection appropriately.

Anyway, I just love this season. Every week, I've been trying to tuck gifts away. Having children makes Christmas SO MUCH FUN; it's even better than when you yourself were a kid. The other night I got all emotional on Mike *snorts* (this happens *frequently*) because I started to wonder: how many more years will Hank believe in Santa? I can't tell you how magical Christmas is to have a young child that believes in Santa. When we first had Hank, I asked Mike how he felt about Santa, because I was a bit squeamish about, well, lying. I didn't want our kids to think that we also lie to them about other people (Easter Bunny, tooth fairy sound familiar? Well, nah, that's not really what I meant). Namely, God. Mike looked horrified that I would consider not having Hank believe in Santa, and I'm glad he convinced me. It's a WONDERFUL tradition, and it's so, SO extra special on Christmas morning when your child comes to see what Santa left them. I cannot wait for Hank to see his gifts this year.

Speaking of young Hank, his birthday is tomorrow, and I can hardly believe that it's been 5 whole years since I carried and delivered him. My precious baby! I posted extensively, and appropriately, last year about Hanks entrance into the world, and I also realized when conducting my search that this blog has been around longer than I remembered! There is also a short post from two years ago. How we have all grown together!

Thank you for reading. :)

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  1. Just love those "shlocky" Thanksgiving and Christmas movies any time of year. I get teased about it but who cares?! Happy Birthday to Hank.


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