Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life in the second trimester...

I just love Baby CL updates. :) Since I've passed over into the coveted second trimester, I thought I'd post a progress report.

Life is pretty good in the second trimester. I had heard from some women that they felt that they got bigger a LOT faster with their second baby. I haven't found that to be the case. Granted, I think I'm a little bit bigger than I was at this stage with Hank, but not by a lot. I'd guestimate that I'm measuring right now (at 15 weeks) what I did with Hank at about 16-17 weeks. That's not too bad.

Happily, I'm still fitting easily into my regular clothes. This is aided by the fact that I lost some weight prior to conceiving. With Hank, I couldn't wait to start wearing my cute new maternity clothes. This time, I know better. :) By approximately 32 weeks, I will loathe the very sight of those previously cute maternity clothes, because I will be SO SICK of them. No matter how many you acquire, it's still not going to be as vast as your regular wardrobe. You will wear the same ones again and again, and you will eventually hate them. With the fire of a thousand suns. So, I'm in no hurry to pull them up from the basement. My goal is to make it to 20 weeks before donning them. That may be delusional. I'll let you know how that comes out. :)

I'm at that stage where I don't have a traditional bump yet, but I look just a tad like a stuffed sausage in my pants. It's not the most flattering of stages. :) But I'll hold out as long as I can. I have one of those Bella Bands, which you can use to smooth over your unbuttoned pants. Glamorous, huh? My pants are still buttoned, so I've got even more time in my regular clothes. The pair I have on now still has plenty of room, but the ones I had on yesterday were cutting off my circulation by dinnertime. My belly has taken a definite turn in the outward direction.

Aside from that, there's the wonderful stuff, and there's the icky stuff that nobody tells you about. I'll start with the good stuff. A few times, lying in bed at night, I've felt the baby move. This is the MOST wonderful thing about pregnancy. I've awaited this with much anticipation and joy.

Ok, so the yucky stuff. Put your TMI hat on. I don't hold back in this blog, and this is one of those times. In the second trimester, you tend to be past the nausea. But something that doesn't go away? I'll just say it outright: gas. For the love of all that is holy, my God, the GAS. As if I didn't already feel unladylike enough given the sausage pants problem, mentioned above.

Unfortunately, this little beauty lasts from the moment of conception, up til delivery. At first, you just feel like you have more indigestion than usual. Then you realize the awful truth: sometimes, maybe when you first wake up in the morning, or have been sitting for awhile, you will feel like your stomach may explode from the sheer volume of pressure. Since you don't really want to take care of this indelicate issue in front of other people, you will have to make your way to the restroom. And this oftentimes means limping over there while the excruciation factor in your innards escalates by the nanosecond. Good golly, it is painful.

And then. Nobody else will tell you this, so I will. Sometimes you'll be talking, you know, out in PUBLIC. And with no forewarning whatsoever, WHAMO! You'll burp. It's *mortifying*.

*shudders* I'm just saying. It's better to at least be prepared, so that when this happens to you, you'll know that it's not just you. There's solace in numbers, no?

That's pretty much my physical life these days. Another thing that doesn't go away, at least for me: exhaustion. I'm pooped every night by 8 pm. I was hoping to do another belly dance solo at our upcoming hafla, but I simply don't have the energy to choreograph in the evenings. I am going to be performing the group numbers, but I know them all well, so I don't really need to do a lot of evening practice. A solo, hand-created choreography is a different story. And I just don't have the needed energy right now. Something to look forward to after the baby comes. Here's praying that I still fit into my costume in 3 weeks. :)


  1. Haha! Steve likes that I'm pregnant because I've given him the okay to burp in front of me since I have to do it so often. Although I think he takes advantage of it...

  2. never did have the gas or the burping or the heart burn. Mostly had to pee all the time even if I had just gone. I would literally just go to the pot and sit on it until the feeling would go away. I'm most assured that HB was spending an awful lot of time sitting on my bladder.


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