Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Advent preparations...

Tomorrow, Henry is off from school for Veteran's Day, so I decided to stay home with him and save us a bunch of money in child care costs. We have an exciting day planned of Mommy/Precious Boy togetherness. First, I want to get to our local Christian Bookstore. We have several Catholic stores in this area, but the closest ones are a tad small. This general Christian store is very good about stocking Catholic merchandise, and is fairly large. I'm looking for some nice Christmas gifts, and want to browse. I've also bribed Hank with the prospect of a new Bible that he can pick out himself, since he never took to the one I bought him earlier in the year. The have a beautiful children's area in this store.

I'd also like to look at Advent wreaths. A bit of a splurge, since I already own an Advent wreath, but mine is somewhat problematic. It's a simple gold circle to hold the taper candles, very much like this one. And the candles simply refuse to stay upright. My thinking is that this could be very dangerous when the candles are actually lit, no? So, I think a small splurge is in order. I'd like one that is a bit more decorated. Doesn't have to be too ornate (or expensive! since I'm on a very limited budget this Christmas :) ) but something like this would be what I've always wanted, or like this. We'll see.

My mom and I have also been plotting a trip to Build-A-Bear with Hank. We're total suckers for this sort of commercial money grab aimed at the tender hearted. When we saw that they have their Christmas collection out, complete with Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph (and Hank's favorite) we knew we had to go. So, I'm hoping to get there tomorrow too.

We'll get all of our Christmas decorations and Advent gear out the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and I couldn't possibly be more excited. We always have multiple Advent calendars in our house - chocolate, wood, and this year Hank has a brand new Lego Advent Calendar. He also has his own felt Advent wreath that I bought him last year. Very reasonably priced, available from the Catholic Company. I wish the baby were already here to share it with us!

Next year, he or she will be 6 months old, and at an adorable age to have his/her first Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas season. I absolutely cannot wait.

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  1. If you can't find a wreath at the store, Leaflet Missal has some nice ones


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