Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A yarntime bonanza...

Sorry for not posting for a few days. I had intended to yesterday, but my computer was behaving *very* badly and needed to be smacked into submission. This makes it sound so quick and simple. In fact, this was a Malwarebytes version of a full body cavity search and it consumed my entire afternoon. Hence, no post.

And I was *dying* to post because, as I mentioned, I took Friday afternoon off to head to JoAnn's to stock up on yarn for future projects, and BOY did I have a fabulous time. So, bear with me as I go into WAY too much detail about yarn.

So, first, I was on the lookout for some good old Red Heart SuperSaver yarn for a large afghan I want to make for mine and Mike's bedroom. The pattern is really pretty and different. It's a square afghan crocheted in the round, and it uses a bunch of different stripes in purples, green, and variegated coordinates. I ended up choosing Medium Purple, Lilac, Tea Leaf, Sea Grass, Monet Print, and Artist's Print:

Really excited about this one. After that, I did branch out into our friends, the natural fibers. I bought a beautiful pattern online for a jellybean runner for our dining room buffet, and I ended up selecting Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn for that in Yellow and Over the Rainbow:

It feels very summery to me. I also picked up 4 balls of one of my favorite yarns, Lion Brand Cotton Ease. This stuff is awesome. It's 50% cotton, 50% acrylic, and it feels fabulous. I'm going to be making a free pattern with it, the Lion Brand Zig Zag Wrap, so I bought the yarn in the recommended colors of Almond, Lime, Maize, and Stone:

Finally, I splurged a bit ($4.99 a skein is more than I like to spend :) but I had coupons...) and bought some of the new Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn. Another free pattern for the Taffy Pull Scarf, and I bought the yarn in the recommended colors of Lipstick, Snapdragon, Sprout, and Geranium:

I left the store aglow, especially since I was also able to snag the beautiful lavender print tote bag I had had my eye on (regular price $14.99) on clearance for $4.99. Score!

I've also finished up a few other projects lately. I made a shawl for myself (pattern is free at Lion Brand as "Afternoon Breeze Shawl") out of some beautiful (and cheap!) yarn - TLC Essentials in Falling Leaves:
I also made a lacy shawl out of some leftover bulky yarn that I had in a burgundy color. I think it'll be good for dress-up occasions, like weddings:
You've already seen my spring placemats, but they're all blocked now (assisted by Henry :) and I also picked up some artificial sprays at AC Moore in spring colors that I *love* (and they were only $2.29 each!):

A very happy crafty girl results.

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