Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is in the air...

The other day, I woke up and heard a very distinctive bird call: that of a breeding male black-capped chicadee. It sounds just like someone whistling in a very come hither sort of way, and you'll only hear them making this specific call during mating season. I got all excited when I heard it: spring is coming!

Chickadees, in particular, are just precious little sweethearts. They are actually friendly; they're usually not frightened to come near people, and will land very close to you. They will happily eat the seeds in our feeder while we also work in the yard. Very, very cute birds. And the mating whistle is just too cute. It just screams: "llaaaadddiiieeessss! I'm here making a nest! See how fluffy and rich-hued my feathers are? Want to come join? We'll make beautiful chicks. *disarming smile*"

As is usually the case in Western New York, the instant the temperature gets up above 40 degrees, everyone (including your Catholic Librarian) starts walking around outside with short sleeves and no jacket. In fact, I just did that for a full 25 minutes while I took my daily walk around campus. It felt good, though I'm certain the rest of the country thinks we're quite odd.

Tonight I'm making a new dinner entailing sauteed shrimp and wild rice, and if it's good, I'll post the recipe tomorrow...

Right, I just discovered that I sent an email message to an entire group of my colleagues that I meant to send just to our student assistant. Clearly, it is time for me to head home and have a glass of wine. Heading now...

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