Monday, January 26, 2009

New hip scarf...

is *fabulous*. You'll be happy to know that I shimmied, hip circled and otherwise shook about happily in it this past Friday at my weekly bellydance class. I got it from hawkdancing, and they even sent me a cute letter with it. It's a form letter, but all the same, very thoughtful and above and beyond the call of duty. My new scarf is dark gray velvet with silver coins, and it stays on my hips firmly and jangles noisily. This is definitely the nicest hip scarf that I now have. I have a lovely dark green chiffon scarf (my first! it'll always be special) that I adore, but am constantly fussing with due to its propensity to slide down my hips at an alarming rate anytime I move. So, a happy, bellydancing Catholic Librarian. In celebration, I re-organized my playlists on Max, my iPod Nano, so that I can access my Middle Eastern music more efficiently. The librarian in me just can't help from coming out in all arenas of my life.

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