Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bellydance starts up again...

After being off for several weeks over the holidays, a very rusty Catholic Librarian has had bellydance class the past few Friday nights. My hips have felt clunky ever since. Finally, this past week, I've felt a bit more like my old belly dancing self. Which is to say, not all that good, but trying hard. We're learning a new routine, set to Bellydance by Saad. It's perky and fun.

Of coruse, being perky does not come naturally to me. When Claire tells us to "have a good time with it" and put some sass into our hips and smiles, I cringe a little inside. Rather than "look cute!" I'm more likely to "sweat profusely" but I do what I can. Claire showed us some new arms to go with our hips, explaining that the well-known bellydancer Aziza uses these arms with her hands making a pulling motion, like she's "pulling" her hips. Apparently, she does this with her chest also. I'm certain that Aziza pulls this off quite nicely, because as Claire says "she's absolutely adorable," but your Catholic Librarian just comes off looking stiff and paranoid. We'll get there.

As I usually do, I bought myself my own birthday present, and told Mike he's off the hook :) I am the proud owner of a brand new silver velvet hip scarf, and I'm tremendously excited. I plan to make lots of noise with it this weekend.

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