Thursday, January 8, 2009

A fall from grace...

Last night, I went to work installing 2 new car seats for Hank in my and Mike's car, since Hank outgrew his other seats by weight. Apparently, the true test of if you want your child to be safe is if your hands are sufficiently bruised and bloody after working on this project. I was assigned to this task because of the two of us, I declared myself to be more patient than Mike. How the mighty have fallen. A slew of profanity, several losses of temper, and a couple of profane gestures later, the car seats are in. Now, I just have to worry about uninstalling the f-ing things again in the spring when Hank gets taller and I need to adjust the harness slots again. Things are never dull around our household in the evenings, I tell you.

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