Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catholic podcast update

Ok, so I tested a few of those rosary podcasts that I mentioned last week. There are tons of Catholic podcasts out there, just check out sqpn. I'm liking "Catholic in a Small Town," considering subscribing. Anyway, we'll see. But for the rosary, I test drove two different podcasts. The first was a generic one I found on iTunes called "Pray the Rosary" by Don Crescenzo. What I liked about it is that it is very straightforward, mowing right through the mysteries, no long meditations. I'm not exactly a mystic, as you can tell. Problem was, you could barely hear it. Keep in mind, most everything that I own is *old*. I do have an iPod, but I have a 2000 Honda Civic that requires an fm transmitter to play the music on my iPod. I love my fm transmitter, but as would be expected, I get a lot of interference and scratchy background noise at times. And with this guy whispering the rosary, it doesn't exactly bode well for me being able to follow along. So, I unsubscribed :) Next, I tried The Rosary Army's version, accessible through A Catholic iPod. The name of the web site alone made me pretty amenable to trying it. And, so far, so good. There are meditations, but they are short. And I like how the prayers are recited as one person saying the beginning, with another following up and you joining in, like you would normally say a rosary in community. The first podcast I tried was just that one guy, quietly saying all the prayers, and it just sounded odd. So, I downloladed all 4 of the mysteries of the rosary, created a rosary playlist, and here I am, content as could be.

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