Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer book club poll is still open!

I've been nerdily monitoring our Summer Book Club poll on the right side of the blog, and so far our leading contender is the historical/scriptural based fiction title, The Well  Coming in a close second is our frivolously fun librarian fiction title, Arsenic and Old Books, A Cat in the Stacks Mystery. So much snorting, I love it.

I have the poll set to close next Tuesday night, I believe. So if you haven't officially voted yet, have at it!

Quick note that the paperback edition of The Well is on major sale right now for $2.35. Maybe we should scoop it?! I already have some dance DVD's and music in my cart. An extra $2.35 won't hurt anybody, right? ;-) Oh waiiitttttt... That's a marketplace copy, so $3.99 shipping applies, making it not quite as much of a bargain basement deal as I thought. The Prime shipping copy is $9. So about the same as it was before. Carry on. :0

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