Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tea Time with Tiffany #78 - Holiday recap & New Year's resolutions...

I'm back! And It's a post-holiday edition of:

Today I talk Christmas festivities, New Year's lessons and resolutions, and the spiritual value of all!

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Items mentioned in this episode:

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Do you have any ideas for projects we could work on together this coming year? Such as a linkup or journaling project for Lent or Ordinary Time, something interactive for the podcast, or something else entirely? Do write in and let me know!


  1. Hello! I am hoping that my comments will post. Usually try to comment on Kindle and then my comments go through hoops and I lose interest in verifying this or that and think, to heck with it!

    But I am glad your New Year's Eve dance went well - been praying it would. I enjoy your blog so much - sometimes at night I will read through a post or two on my Kindle and it's such fun to read. You always give me something new to think about or another idea - such as journaling.

    My resolutions are going fine - am finally WELL - enough said and trying to plan my planners. Couldn't find one I like so I have four and they each have a function. Would be interested in any new ideas you have for the new year to draw us closer to our faith. One of my goals was to read some of the many hundreds of books sitting on my shelves about the Catholic faith - am off to a slow, but steady start.

    1. Hi Donna! So glorious to hear from you! You've given me an idea: how about a read-along for Lent? It can be really loosely structured, doesn't have to be an official book club. We could do either a devotional or a longer nonfiction read. Or would a book club be better? Thoughts?!

  2. Hello! If you do this please count me in! Gina

  3. Hi Gina! OK, no problem, I promise to post about what we'll do for Lent next month!

  4. A read-along for Lent sounds fine - either devotional or longer is okay. I usually try to read through one longer book as part of my Lenten devotions anyway. Can't think of anything at this point . . . but either way you want to do it sounds good. My shelves are bending beneath hundreds of books I've bought and never gotten all the way through!

    So far, so good on the New Year's Resolutions - although cleaning the kitchen after dinner has fallen through a few times - :) Donna

  5. Hi Donna!

    OK< sounds good. Thinking of going the longer book route. :) We can discuss this month and next leading up to Ash Wednesday!


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