Friday, December 16, 2016

Of sick days, dozens of Christmas movies, and crafts gone wild...

TGIF all!

*weak smile*

You'll notice there is no Tea Time this week. That would be because I am on Day 2 of a 2 day sick day spell, and though I am a bit better today (albeit home with a now sick and whiny Anne. Joy, so much joy) I am still SUPER stuffy, and do not want to subject you to my congested voice. Or my neck-wide fever rash in the video. Now that we've had our TMI moment of the morning...

I have lots of fun dancing news to cover in Tea Time, so we'll do that next week. Until then, I thought I would check in briefly from the sick bay. In summary, I have been doing lots of knitting and crocheting while I sit on the couch and watch Christmas movies. ALL the excitement, right there. Besides wrapping gifts and napping, this pretty makes up my life when I'm sick. I adore the Hallmark Channel. 24 hour a day feel-good Christmas movies push all of my happy buttons, especially when I am laid up. Yesterday I watched 3. No shame, no sir. 3 movies and part of a fourth. Plus I set the DVR to record several more. Always good to have those on reserve for couch time! I mean, they're on 24 hours a day, so no worries, ever, but I like to be able to choose my theme and fast forward through the commercials.


And now I've discovered Hallmark Channel's adorable cousin, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


I am in love. Christmas movies, PLUS they're promoting some sort of sweet and sleuthy Nancy Drew-looking show that will debut after New Years. I may have to quit my job so that I can just watch full time.

"A Nutcracker Christmas"

"Journey Back to Christmas"

"Operation Christmas"

"The Christmas Pageant"

Coming up with unique titles must be a challenge, and consequently I cannot remember a single one of them, but that little factoid notwithstanding, I am one happy customer.

So, lots of movies it is. And while I watch them, I have been working on Henry's Harry Potter scarf, as well as finishing up a few other handcrafted gifts. Mike was pretty relieved when I finished up the project involving this borrowed visitor to our household:

When craft projects get creepy
But you want hats to be shaped properly. ;-)

Happy finished product about to be mailed to its new home
And the scarf is nearly done, finally. Scarves always seem like they stay the same length (approximately 800 feet long) and not *quite* long enough to wrap the way you want, for at least a month, while you continue to slave away, adding more rows. I think I'm finally on the last 2 color blocks of this one. Mostly because if I go any longer than that I will run out of yarn. So we're almost there! All of the couch/Hallmark movie time has certainly been aiding this cause.

I'm hoping that by Monday Anne and I will both be rash-free and feeling better, and able to go back to our regular routines. And somehow, coming up is the 4th Sunday of Advent, and so next week is the week before Christmas. I don't feel ready (typical), but am trying not to panic. :-)

How is your week ending, dear reader? It would really cheer my sick spirit to hear from you in the comments!


  1. I went to the elementary school Mass at Lakes this morning. My aunt brought Isabelle and they sat with me. Let's just say she knows her Aunt Sam. ;-) She kept looking for me and giggling throughout Mass.
    At the homily, Fr. D asked the kindergarteners "what is the *first* thing you do when you go into your room at night and it's dark?" Answers ranged from brushing their teeth to laying down in bed. My little cousin said "I'm scared." They finally got it: turn on the light!
    Father went on to ask the kids if they stare at the light after they turn it on. They all said yes & all the adults laughed. He told them you don't look directly at the light, you use the light to see what is in the room. In the same way, John the Baptist was the light that pointed to Jesus, and we are the light by which others can see God.

    Now I'm going to go back to "Operation Christmas" ;-) Enjoy ALL of the Christmas movies! <3

  2. My youngest and I were home sick today too. Sadly I watched Doc mcstuffins all day. Hopefully we will all be better soon. I have been enjoying your blog since I read your article in Catholic Mom... My family and I are from WNY so I really enjoying your posts. :)

  3. Sam, I love your homily story! ALL the St. John the Baptist, he's been on my mind a lot this week! And yes, the Christmas movies...let's just say I have been quite obsessed with them this year. :0

  4. Hi Gina! So happy to have you here! I hope that you and your little one are feeling a bit better today. Anne and I are; we're both still stuffy, but can breathe a bit better today. <3

    You're from WNY?! We'll have to talk!

  5. Gina, do you still live in Tonawanda now, or is that just where you originally hail from? Because if you still live there, you're my neighbor, girl! Go outside right now and wave to me! :0

  6. Do you see me? I am waving!!! How small is this town?!?! Yes, I am still here raising my babies in Tonawanda :)

  7. Are you in Tonawanda too?

  8. Gina, send me an email. :0


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