Thursday, July 21, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #58 - "Who are you & why are you here?!" Teaching adventures abound...

Good day to you all! It's a fun, adventure-filled morning to discuss on:

Today I give a Skype crisis update, and relay my teaching and writing (or lack thereof) foibles so far this summer. But come the fall...well, you'll have to listen and find out!

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Items mentioned in this episode:
How is your summer going so far? Are you prepping anything fun for the fall? Do you have a morning prayer routine to share? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I was just laughing at your adventure showing up early for your class. It's one of those things which seems like no big deal to a regular person, but for someone like me who has a tendency to overthink things it would be a huge thing. That happened to me before for an interview, where I distinctly remember the woman on the phone telling me, "Monday" whatever date. When I showed up I learned that I wasn't actually scheduled until Wednesday. They tell you never to show up late to an interview, but I also think they look down upon those who show up two days early!

  2. Rachel, HA HA HA!! Oh gosh, that would be super stressful to deal with! When I'm really nervous about something, the dates tend to stick in my mind, so when she was so confused at first, I kept thinking "I *know* I didn't screw this up!" :0

  3. Did you learn anything in the other class while you were waiting for yours to start? lol! Sounds like you've got a LOT of fun things coming up! Teaching AND a book?! Whaaaa?! That is SO COOL. I can't wait to hear more about the book!!!

    I really should have a morning prayer plan. I wake up before everyone else, in theory so I can work out, but since that doesn't always happen and I'm up anyway...I should fill that time in with prayer.

    As for the Fall, we're gearing up for another ballet season and my youngest is going to start gymnastics so the mommy chauffeur will be all over the place. I admit, after last season I've let us become slugs. And it's been amazing. LOL

    Can I just say, I'm really thankful that I found your blog. I love the Tea Time videos and really appreciate how much work you put into everything you do. Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  4. Am enjoying your blog this summer
    And hope to have time to follow your links and read all the other interesting ideas you put on here. I'm also hoping at some point to join your book club reading. You asked about a morning prayer routine and mine is quite simple. Make coffee and pray my Pieta prayer book as well as some special Holy cards for the first hour of the day. But I don't have children and no longer work outside the home. In summer I can often pray on my porch among my flowers and sorry bird feeders.
    Love reading about your interesting life!

  5. HI MAGGI! *waves* Yes, lots coming up, and though it's exciting, if I'm being honest I'm losing some sleep over it. I know it'll be OK, but it's a lot for my mind to manage at once. :0

    Work out in the early mornings IN THEORY, yep, right there with you! ;-) I cannot exercise in the mornings, I'm not coherent enough. It's lunch hour or evenings only for me! We'll work on the prayer routine together.

    Yes, the kid activities. *gears up* Anne doesn't really have anything yet, she's just got swim lessons this summer. I'd like her to try a dance class though. Henry tries things here and there, like intramural basketball, that sort of thing, when they pop up. He also takes guitar lessons. It's been easy thus far, but again, Anne is still so little, that's part of why.

    Girl, so thankful for YOU. So glad that you are here!

  6. Anon, Glad that you found me this summer! And your morning prayer routine sounds smashing. *jealous!* ;-)

  7. I recently (in about the last month) designated a recliner as the prayer recliner. It has been beneficial for me to have a specific place designated to prayer. I've left Sacred Reading, my rosary and The Rosary Comic Book (my current favorite devotional aid, on the chair. I try to sit here first thing in the morning and most mornings I've been able to do the days reading from Sacred Reading and maybe about half I've also prayed a rosary.

  8. Hi Melanie, ooooo, I love your idea with the prayer recliner! Indeed, it is nice to have that set aside space. It's like it clears your mind to pray in a more focused manner.


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