Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tea Time with Tiffany #57 - Podcasting misadventures & chaplet organization...

Good morning all! I hope you have your morning beverage for a humid mid-July edition of:

Today I'm talking about troubleshooting some Skype misadventures, my upcoming Google Hangout on Air that you can join (!), and how I organize my embarrassingly vast collection of chaplets and rosaries. Come join in the fun!

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Items mentioned in this episode:
  • Happy feast of St. Kateri!
  • My Chaplets page, which has about a dozen different video and downloadable audio recordings for you to pray along with.
How do you organize your prayer beads, or books, or whatever else you tend to collect? This librarian would love to hear all about it!


  1. I have a rosary wrap bracelet and one regular rosary, and they live in among my jewelry and whatnot organizers. I do have a hefty collection of prayer cards. I actually spotted two today when cleaning out the desk. I had to let both of them go. One was laminated and bent in half. I'm guessing a child got a hold of it. The other was a duplicate from a funeral. I keep my funeral related prayer cards in my wallet so if I'm out and about I remember to prayer for the collection of people that I've known who've past on (including those I don't have a prayer card for). My other prayer cards are stuck into pictures and mirrors throughout my house. I've got a big enough collection now that I think it's time to give them out to others. So now I have a stash in my purse for those moments where I feel like handing someone a prayer card is in order (if I'm gutsy it would be a moment of evangelization).

  2. Hi Delta! I love your ideas about your prayer card collection. I never thought of carrying them with me to either pray for people (funeral cards), or hand them out. Excellent!

  3. The kids are in bed finally, got ma wine and ready for Tea Time! LOL I admit, I collect books. Not just random fiction books but like books on topics I'm obsessed with...most recently I've got a mini ballet library and a ever expanding Catholicism library. lol! Also, the rosaries are growing in number. :D I'll probably comment again after watching! lol

    P.S.-I was watching the stream today! I was watching on You Tube but never saw a place to chat with you guys, FYI.

    P.P.S.-I started a new Catholic-centric blog, just new and whatnot, very empty but I'll be commenting from that account from now on :D Oh! And I'll follow you on Twitter from there too! :D

  4. Okay, I'm back! lol So I think it was right about the time you brought out the seasonal Ziploc rosary bags that I thought, "Yep, Tiffany is awesome forever." LOL I admit, I'm completely obsessed with rosaries. Funny Maggi Fact: the first rosary I ever bought was years before I converted. I saw a table of them in a department store and thought they were beautiful so I bought one. LOL

    Thank you SO much for sharing your system. I love the idea of sorting them seasonally, that made so much sense! I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about that. I have a feeling we could definitely meet in person and just geek out about rosaries the whole time. LOL

    Hope the Skype issue is worked out soon!

  5. Maggi, LOL!!!!OK, I LOVE that you have themes within your personal library. You need a Library of Congress classification system slapped onto those. ;-)

    Google Hangouts on Air is still a bit of a mystery to me. I wonder if I needed to activate the chat function somehow? UGH. I need a tech assistant. ;-)

    I'm excited about your new blog! I will keep my eye out for it!

    And hopefully, someday, we will meet up in person!

  6. LOVE this! I've been trying to figure out a way to organize all the rosaries I have now collected (and I'm sure they will continue to grow). ;-)

    I don't really have a good organization system for anything at the moment, since I'm only home for three-ish months. It's driving me nuts because I like to be organized! Hopefully, that will change once I graduate in May!

  7. Hi Sam!! I have no doubt that your rosary & chaplet collection will continue to grow as well, given that you now hang out with ME. ;-) It's hard to be organized when you're really living in two different places throughout the year. We'll get you there once you graduate!


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