Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Crafty Christmas plans & saint stories on 4th of July weekend...

I'm back at work after a perfectly *glorious* three day holiday weekend. Can we all have a moment of silence while we emit a collective groan?


I am, however, hanging in there. I have more search committee obligations tomorrow which will keep me from blogging, so we'll be on a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday schedule this week, just so you know. And my thoughts are awhirl with all kinds of stuff. So...highlights!

Fireworks. Every year, prior to the big event, I regret having the kids stay up until 10 pm just to be able to watch them ("HENRY, stop touching my hair!!), but then I am glad that I did. We had a wonderful time, and built some lovely memories.

As well, my daughter is at a very adorable age. :-) For whatever reason, she has adopted St. Bernadette as her very favorite saint of all time, and so I ordered her a felt St. Bernadette doll from one of our favorite saint Etsy shops. St. Bernadette made her big arrival this weekend, and immediately began hanging out with her fellow saints:

Anne and the saint dolls. Sounds a bit like a budding rock band. ;-)
Our Lady of Czestochowa and Guadalupe, respectively, are quite tired over there on the left. But that is St. Bernadette in the center, and Anne LOVES her. She carries her around with her everywhere and it is absolutely precious. I'm already getting excited thinking about which saints I'll order for both her and Henry for the coming winter holidays


I also spent quite a bit of time knitting. This is that time, every year, wherein I get Christmas in July fever and go wild making lists of what I want to make this upcoming fall and holiday season. I'm currently working on a knit-along shawl that is due by the end of the month, so I devoted all of my crafting time this weekend to that:

Those are going to be leaves, which will become visible once blocked. Hopefully.

I made good progress (now on repeat 7 of 11!) and it inspired me to start my annual Christmas in July panic session: should I create my holiday crafting list?! This will cause me to panic even more, so OF COURSE I should!!


This is what I came up with:
  • Projects currently in the works that I'd like to finish by early fall. This includes the knit-along, 1 baby gift, a random lace scarf, and 1 in-progress poncho that I'd like to wear for the New York Sheep and Wool festival in October: Total of 4.
BOOYAH. I can totally finish all that by early October.

Christmas gifts 2016:
  • Secret Santa gift for my knitting group exchange.
  • A dress and amigurumi Cardinal for Anne.
  • New socks for Henry.
  • 2 surprises for Mike.
  • Requested shawl for my good friend Irena.
Total of 8 gifts. This is slightly less BOOYAH'ish, but I still think it's manageable. The operative word here is *think*.

What I worry about is that this list usually, ahem, EXPANDS as time flows into the fall. I get all ambitious, and decide to cast on additional gifts, plus random sweaters and accessories (I have my eye on a gigantic entrelac wrap kit, SOMEBODY STOP ME!), and all yarn hell breaks loose. We'll see what happens. I may need an accountability partner in this endeavor, I'll keep you posted. ;-)

Does anyone else have their fall and winter crafting list set up? If you do, CONGRATULATIONS, you're as anal as I am, and that means that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. :0 Do share your list with us!

How was your 4th of July weekend, dear ones?!


  1. Your shawl is pretty and Anne looks so cute with all of her saint dolls.

    My 4th was fun. Spend the morning working the used book sale (supporting a library where I work) at a community park. Then spend the afternoon/evening with my parents. We played an American trivia game I won at the event.

    I don't have an official list yet but I do have a few ideas for fall/Christmas. Your list is a good reminder for me to start thinking about it seriously. I've been in kind of a knitting funk. I finished a few big projects lately and haven't quite found the right one to start next. Some ideas need yarn I don't have, others I've tried and didn't like how they started so I frogged them.

  2. Hi Melanie! Sounds like a great 4th, so glad that you had such a nice day. <3 So glad that you are thinking about your crafting list as well! Indeed, I am very familiar with the knitting funk phenomenon. I was in one recently, and the holiday weekend helped me to climb up out of it, since I spent a lot of time working on the knit-along shawl. And compiling the list made me excited again - I went through my stash and planned yarn, and suddenly excitement was back in the air! But I've been there. It's a matter of finding the right project, sometimes procuring some new yarn for it, and BAM! You're back in the game. :)


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