Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If you love to read, you'll love this!

Well, hi there! After my cathartic rant yesterday, I'm feeling MUCH BETTER and I hope you are too. ;-) I have another crazy day today (let's all groan together, shall we?) but I wanted to pop in here to thank all of you who left me sweet and amusing comments yesterday. I appreciate your presence in my life and your support more than you can know.

I also wanted to point you to the VERY FUN Catholic Mom Hangout podcast that I recorded yesterday with a terrific duo of other Catholic Mom contributors:

We each brought a selection of our all-time favorite fiction and non-fiction titles, so tune in if you'd like to find some new titles to read! There is a video of the hangout, as well as a downloadable audio option.

A quick mention that the poll is open for another week to vote on the next Catholic Book Club title! So far, the historical non-fiction title is winning. If you are interested in a different title, make sure to vote! We'll see the official winner next Wednesday, when we will also be discussing Divine Mercy for Moms.

All right, I have to sign off. My "break" today is to attend PiYo during my lunch hour, because apparently I like pain and suffering. I'll be with you tomorrow for another edition of Tea Time with Tiffany. I don't know what I will talk about yet, but that's what makes it so fun, yes? See you then!

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