Monday, July 21, 2014

Wait, what was I supposed to be writing about?!

The summer is quiet on the reference desk, and so I thought to myself as I was preparing to go down for a shift:

"What do I need to bring with me? It's just an hour, maybe I'll have time to get a blog post started if I don't get interrupted too much."

Our office walls around here are pretty thin, so I try to have these conversations with myself as quietly as possible. :0

"Right. I need my glasses. Should I bring my phone? It's fun to keep up on Twitter and texts when I'm down there, but...nah, shouldn't bring it, too much of a distraction. Do I need a pen? I'm not going to bring my planner, so I don't need the pen. MY TEA! Yes, bring the tea cup, check."

I sort of move things around on my desk as I decide what to bring and not bring.

"Good God, my keys. If I lock myself out again I'm going to have to take our facilities manager out to dinner. Keys in pocket, ok whew!!! What else did I need?!"

I see my tea mug. I grab it. I check my pocket again to assure that the keys are in there, and I leave my office and shut the door. It's only halfway down the stairs that I remember: my glasses.

For the love of all that is holy, WHERE HAVE ALL MY BRAIN CELLS GONE?! That sensation of something having been in your mind one moment, and gone the next, is not a comfortable one, my friends. #sendhelp

So, I got down to the reference desk and then gabbed with the other librarian whom I was relieving, then gabbed a bit on gmail chat, then actually answered a patron chat question (international court cases, I certainly earned my keep on that one), and only THEN opened up a new blog post. And do I even need to mention that I couldn't remember what I was going to write about?

It's just one of those days. :0 However, there are a couple fun posts planned for this week, which are Catholic Book Club on Wednesday, and the Church Triumphant on Thursday, so stay tuned for those. It's major festival season this weekend, so a week from today you will be treated (snort!) to a Belly Dance Monday post which will feature me attempting to dance while balancing stuff on my head and hopefully not battling high winds. Here's hoping!

Ah, but before I go, I finished a rosary this weekend, this time for Anne:

Guardian Angel centerpiece, blue bead mix for the Aves, lavender pearls for the Paters
This will go in her Christmas stocking, and Henry will receive this:

This is a St. Dominic Savio chaplet, and I will devote a whole post in the Catholic Nook to it, maybe next week. So I've been busy! I've also been knitting like a very busy bee, working on my fall/winter/Christmas list, because I'm Type A like that.


How was everyone's weekend? If you're so inclined, leave me a comment! I always love to read them. :)


  1. Why is it so easy to forget glasses? Or keys? We always need them!

    Love the beads! This weekend I was rearranging furniture (with Mom's consultation and help) on Saturday, and then yesterday I sang (solo and with the choir) for our Super Big Feast Day at the chapel I love the most. It's not as big a feast as it used to be--also the chapel is more often closed than open--but it still is incredibly special and loved by so many. Somebody made roast pork sandwiches and my dad got us a few. Yum!

    1. We need both, and they are so sorely neglected in my memory. :0 Oh, lovely on your weekend Mass. I wish I could sing. Well, I mean, I CAN, but you really don't want me to!

  2. St. Dominic Savio chaplet--where did you get that? It's so beautifu!! My youngest son became devoted to that saint when he was in grade school (during the 5 years we homeschooled him), and he chose Dominic as his Confirmation name. I'm looking forward to the upcoming post you mentioned!

    1. Laura, I made it!I have a book called "My Treasure of Chaplets" which details and often includes a photo of every chaplet you can think of, and I use that as a guide to make chaplets that I'd like to pray. I think Dominic Savio is a perfect saint role model for young boys! Henry has a devotion to him as well.


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