Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Favorites {vol. 3} My yarn and book collection overflows edition...

I'm sure you'll all be relieved to know that I'm feeling a lot better than when I posted my Five Favorites last week, when it appeared that a giant black cloud with an angry face on it had just taken up residence atop my head. Time and prayer always put things into a better perspective. And so I'm feeling mostly back to my perky self, and I thought I'd get in another Five Favorites before our Thanksgiving hiatus comes up. So. What is making me happy this week?

-1- "Hey Hon, I think one of your yarn containers burst open again!"

I love yarn. It's just full of such...possibilities. I see it and I think about all of the things I could make with it, and it just makes me so happy. And this time of year is one of the best, my budding yarn lover minions, because every November we get an event that knitters await with a trembling countenance:

The Knit Picks Cyber Monday sale.

Nice quality, natural fiber yarn that is Be still my heart. This year, because Thanksgiving is so late, they are starting the sale prior to Cyber Monday, on Monday November 25th. I am scheduled on the reference for the moment the sale begins, which caused me no end of angst and eyebrow scrunching, but has spurred on my passion for creating an itemized project shopping list. I AM SO EXCITED. And this leads nicely into...

-2- "Steeking? (aka: slicing open your handknit sweater with scissors to create a cardigan. aka: The Thing That Terrifies Tiffany Most In This Entire World...) No problem!!"

Every year, this "project shopping list" for the big yarn sale lends itself to being a bit of a conundrum. Because I tend to, you know, get a hair too optimistic about my actual knitting *abilities*. I get so dazzled by all of the sale yarn that I convince myself I absolutely need this gorgeous silk/alpaca blend in lace weight to knit an intricate shawl, despite having had disastrous results in the past with lace weight yarn, because *this time* everything will turn out fantastic. Because this yarn is on sale. Yes, that makes so much sense, right?!

So, the list. Sweaters and socks abound, maybe I'll try out some of the pretty new needles, perhaps a new blanket for the couch... Sounds fine, but I know on the day itself I will decide spontaneously that I should knit a cabled Norwegian colorwork ski sweater with matching patterned mittens and an optional fur-lined hood. Then, 6 months later, when I finally have time to knit with the sale yarn I will wonder what on earth I was thinking.


-3- And you thought the *yarn* storage situation was bad...

All right, moving on from yarn to books. I'm a librarian, I love books. Over the years, I've forced myself to weed through my collection so that it won't take over the house. If I don't think I'll reread it, I donate it to the public library for their book sale. The Kindle is helping with this problem immensely. Now, of course, I'm making the whole process infinitely more difficult again...

I have started reviewing books as part of the Image Books blogger review program. This means that I receive free books as part of my official reviewer duties. *sniffs happily* This also means that I'm collecting more books, so you can see the problem here. I may do a giveaway at some point to relieve the situation a bit. But at any rate, I'm really enjoying the process so far.

I posted my first review yesterday. At the bottom of the post, you can rank the review, and this helps me out over at the Image site in terms of the selection of books that I can choose from to review, so if you are so inclined, please have at it. *angelic smile*

Once you post your review, you are eligible to select another book. I galloped over there with as much dignity as I could muster after I finished posting because I was so excited. My reviewer profile indicates that I want to see Catholic books, but I couldn't resist also checking another box when I spied it with my little eye on the form: Fiction - Amish.

*Hallelujah Chorus*

I LOVE Amish fiction. It's very wholesome and sweet and consistent with the values we espouse as Catholics. And so, next month you will see a review of Christmas in Apple Ridge, by Cindy Woodsmall.


-4- To drum or not to drum?

I've started listening to my selection of Middle Eastern music (which is considerable) in preparation for a solo at our upcoming studio hafla. I'm feeling somewhat inspired again about dance, which is good. It must be the looming deadline. But at any rate, I have it narrowed down to a drum solo (which is a style that I love and am very comfortable with), or an instrumental piece that has 3 distinct sections: upbeat, taquism (short slow section), and a little drum finale. I need to pick, so cast a vote in the comments. :)

-5- "What drink goes best with this film, Sweetie? A what?! Let me consult my cocktail preparation reference handbook..."

Only a librarian, yes? In fact, we do own a reference book on mixing a multitude of different cocktails, but that's not actually the point of this favorite. Thanksgiving is coming up, which means that Mike and I will begin our annual viewing of classic holiday films, And we often mix that with appropriate cocktails. As you can imagine, this is super fun, and evidence that I indeed picked the right husband.

This year, we're definitely going to be watching the original Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life, The Bishop's Wife, The Bells of St. Mary's, and Christmas in Connecticut.

Other recommendations? What are you favorite classic holiday films?

All right, everyone, head over to Hallie's at MoxieWife for more Five Favorites!


  1. ME. YOU.. KNITPICKS... SALE. TOGETHER. Coming to a computer screen near you.

    Guess who's bringing home a TON of shiraz from the event? Wanna come over?

    Can't wait. Missed ya today!

    1. You betcha, sister!

      And ugh, on the wine, I SO WISH!! Love you!

  2. As someone with extremely eclectic taste in music, I would love sometime for you to do a post on Middle Eastern music and musicians! It would be fun to add an album or two to my iPod, but I don't even know where to start.

    1. Hi Katherine, hum... you have my mind whirling. :) I may add this to my 7 Quick Takes tomorrow, so check in!


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