Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blessings abound as we prepare for the holy season...

Afternoon all, and welcome to all new readers! I've been doing a lot of linkups lately, which I hope you all don't mind (*blows kiss*) because that is a fabulous way for me to gain readership. The proof is in the statistics, that's for sure. But I never want this blog to lose what it's original intent was: as a "life blog," full of humor and real life anecdotes. I always craft that into my linkup posts as well.

But I have had a good number of new people sign up as official "followers" of the blog, and I'm just so thrilled! I'm very excited to write about all of the upcoming Advent and Christmas goodness and I'm delighted to have you all along for the ride.

I was thinking this morning about Christmas preparations. This is something that throws me into panic mode every year. I have reigned in my knitting/crocheting, you'll all be relieved to know. I have *most* gifts finished. Although I still haven't crocheted a single dishcloth, and those are my big ticket items for relatives on Christmas Eve *bites nails*. But everything else that I *really* wanted to get done, aside for a few things, is done. I will spare you dragging out The List yet again. Suffice it to say that the only things I really still want to get done are Mike's cardigan (I added an inch or so of stockinette stitch to the 1.25 inches of ribbing, GO ME!!) and my knitting group exchange gift, which is coming right along. It'll take me several more weeks to finish it (the final fabulousness will speak for itself) but I should finish it by mid-December. So we're good.

Oh wait. I promised Mike I'd crochet a Christmas tree skirt since our old one fell apart last year. To have it finished by the first Sunday of Advent, I'll need it done in (*large pause as I realize I haven't updated my permanent calendar for November yet, yikes*) just over 3 weeks.

Oh dear. And then there's the dishcloths. And the fact that Mike's cardigan won't even fit a newborn for several more weeks. This might be bad.

But I'm not going to worry about it. Whatever gets done, gets done, is what I've learned. I don't want stress to ruin my Advent.

Mike and I were talking about the kids' gifts this morning. We want them to have a wonderful Christmas, but Christmas isn't all about getting gifts, of course. It can be tough with the grandparents, because both sets spoil our children rotten. I'm not saying that that's totally a bad thing, but it makes it hard on Mike and I when what is under the tree Christmas morning pales in comparison to what is at their grandparent's houses waiting for them. I want our children to (a) show proper appreciation for each gift they get, and (b) not expect a huge show of gifts just because it's Christmas, and (c) understand that Christmas is about so much more than gifts. No easy feat, but we're going to try.

We need to start budgeting, so we came up with a small, but thoughtful, list of items for each child. I'm sure we'll add a few things to it, but we thought of 3 gifts each that I know they'll really love.

Henry is about at that age where he begins to get tough to buy for. We don't own a video game system (to his great consternation) so his choices are limited in that regard. He's 8 this year, Anne is 2. What are you getting for your children this year for Christmas? How do you impress upon the meaning of the season? Leave me some comments, I would love to hear from you!

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