Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday {Take 21} A little of everything edition...

I'm Type A, so I usually make a list of 7 things before I write these posts. Big surprise, right? I mean, NOTHING is left to chance in my life, dear friends, not even blog posts. Back when I still choreographed my dance solos (rather than improvising, which I do now), I used to schedule time in to (a) change direction, (b) smile, and (c) breathe. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.

So what do we have on tap for today...some Catholic stuff, lots of book talk, some music stuff, and some parenting woes. Away we go!

-1- Today is the feast of St. Cecelia, and I simply adore this saint.

I've written about her before, she's my Confirmation patron, and I even credit her for my really embracing my Catholic faith as a young adult and becoming so passionate about it, since I realized that that took place (back when I was in graduate school) right around her feast day. Love this girl!

Yesterday, I stopped off at our local Christian bookstore for a few gifts, and I grabbed both children a new book of saints. My kids LOVE saint stories. Henry has several, but I spotted a different one for his age group that he doesn't have, so I snagged that, and for Anne I picked up several of these, (volumes 1 through 3, I believe) one of which I bought solely because it held St. Cecelia's story. Good stuff.

I'm about to move on to Take #2. In case you were wondering, yes, I did just place a check mark next to "St. Cecelia" on my list. :0

-2- Since we were talking about books, I'll continue in that vein. Wednesday is our official Catholic Book Club day, and on that day I will be reviewing In Him Alone Is Our Hope: The Church According To The Heart of Pope Francis. If you've read this book, please do check in on Wednesday for my review to leave a comment with your thoughts on it! Comments make me happy, dear reader. Come make my day. *beams*

-3- I just finished up another book, this one of the fiction variety, An Uncommon Grace, by Serena Miller. I had downloaded this for my Kindle when it was on sale recently. I read a lot of Amish fiction, as I've mentioned, but this book was different from any other Amish book I've ever read. The reason is that rather than centering around the Old Older Amish like the books I ordinarily read, featuring the group of Amish most of us are most familiar with, this one was about the Swartzentruber Amish. The Swartzentruber Amish are a more conservative group than the Old Order, and it was fascinating to learn more about them. I definitely recommend the book.

-4- In blog news, a few exciting things. On Monday, I will have another installment of Vocations Spotlight, this time featuring a wonderfully kind and funny priest from the diocese of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Fr. Darryl Millette. If you don't follow him on Twitter already, you should!! His handle is @frdarryl. You'll learn more about him on Monday, make sure to check in!

-5- On Tuesday, I'll be posting about my plans for Advent and the upcoming Advent Veiling Project, which will begin on Monday December 2nd, and will feature both a linkup and *5* veil giveaways that you may enter!

*angels sing*

This is going to be VERY fun and I hope that you will all enjoy the posts, even if you do not wear a headcovering at Mass. The whole intent is to share experiences with each other, and so a woman may try it and prefer not to continue. Your opinion is very much welcome! We're all in this together to support each other as Catholic women, regardless of headcovering preference, or lack thereof.

You'll be seeing the posts and my Tweets about it starting next week, and I will sticky everything in the "Advent Veiling Linkup 2013" tab at the very top of this blog. Make sure to check in!

-6- All right, so in other news, I'm still deciding on music for my upcoming dance solo, and Katherine asked me to recommend some Middle Eastern music for those that want to add some to their collection but do not know where to begin. Her wish is my command. :)

Some of my favorites are: Cairo Nights, Vol 1. This is a very upbeat album, and I adore it. In fact, the song that I may pick for my solo is on here. :) The Bellydance Superstars compilations are really good because they contain a variety of *types* of Middle Eastern music. Pop, drum, fast and slow instrumentals, some classic pieces. I especially like vol. 2, vol. 3 and vol. 8. There is 10 Songs Every Bellydancer Should Know for classic Middle Eastern music.

-7- Finally, we have my daughter. Is it me, or does it seem that the instant a toddler turns 2 years and 6 months some form of insidious demonic possession begins to take hold? Holy smokes.


"How do you ask?"


"That's not how you ask."

"NO! Anne NOT say 'please'!"

*unpleasant negotiation takes place*

"Here you go, Honey."

"NO! ANNE NO WANT THE JUICE! NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*cup is thrown*

I mean, we have this, we have hysterical meal times, nap refusals, an unwillingness to cuddle, it's all quite exhausting. And I'm thinking we have approximately 12-18 months before this gets any better.

*long suffering sigh*

But that said, don't you wish that we could keep them this age forever? Because they *are* darn cute.

Have a great weekend everyone, and a wonderful feast of Christ the King! See you all on Monday!

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  1. So glad I found your blog (by way of fillingmyprayercloset). Love it!

  2. I just did my first 7 QT today! It was fun and I enjoyed reading yours. I can't wait for your posts on #veilingproject...I am joining in.

    Ahhh...miss that age so much : )

    1. Hi Theresa! Yes, I love 7QT, since I started a few months ago. Glad you're doing it now too! And I *can't wait* to have you join our veiling linkup! So excited about everything that we have coming up. Lots to look forward to!


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