Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Success Thursday: Going on a jetplane edition...

Good day all! I'm in full trip planning panic mode for my journey to the Catholic New Media Conference this weekend, so I knew today would be a shorter post. And I found a perfect avenue in a wonderful linkup with a concise but power-packed angle with Small Success Thursday over at!

So what are three things that I'm grateful for today?

(1) The prayers of family and friends. I can't even fully convey what this does for my peace of mind lately. By nature I am an anxious person. Is the right expression Nervous Nellie? Or perhaps, One Who Needs Prozac? At any rate, when someone prays for me, I *feel* better, I feel calmer, I feel soothed. And that is such a beautiful thing.

(2) A trip to see my younger sister and her twin sons tomorrow. I don't get to see them nearly often enough, and I'm so excited. My sister and I are attending the Catholic New Media Conference together, followed by a girls night of dinner and wine, and possibly a vigil Mass. :) Also, probably us exhausted moms in bed by 9 pm. We're just 2 wild and crazy girls!

(3) The completion of the lambs I crocheted for the Jesse Tree Advent swap over at Liturgical Time. I wanted to finish them before my trip, and I managed the feat. I was aided a great deal the other night by my wonderful husband, who stuffed lamb bodies with lots of bossy directions from, ah hem, *somebody* ("Sweetie, make sure you get the stuffing into their faces real good, see like this?! Mash it in real tight! Face cuteness is of utmost importance!!") while I sewed butts closed. The lambs were very glad when that process was over, let me tell you. Now they are all strung and ready to be shipped to Michelle!! TA DA:

A box full of lambs, California here they come!!
If you'd like to write about your own Thursday graces, head over to and link your post up!

All right, all. I'm traveling tomorrow and Monday, so you won't hear from me for a few days, including my regular 7 Quick Takes Friday (so sad!). I was hoping to queue up a post for tomorrow morning, but sometimes things just don't go the way you planned. I will, however, be on Twitter, so do check in with me there, I am @CatholicTiffany! I'll blog again Tuesday morning, and I'm certain I will have lots of amusing details to share. Look for me to be posing with Fr. Roderick in a Twitter photo near you!


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